March 26th- April 1st

Mileage for the Year 2012
1112 miles

Mileage for the week 3/26- 4/1
81 miles

20 miles

My last long run before Boston. I decided to throw some tempo pace miles in this workout since I haven't done a workout for awhile because of the flu bug I got. I ran the totem route out by the airport. Here is my workout:

3 miles warm-up with a few strides (7:20, 7:18, 6:45)
6.2 miles (10K) at Tempo. 34:57 which is 5:38 pace. (Lots of hills)
10.8 miles @ 6:28 pace. (Not gonna lie, tired at the end).

I'm pleased with this workout. I was also able to wear my Marathon shoes (Adidas Adizero) for the Tempo portion. They felt really good. It was also good to get the pounding of some of the downhills on pavement.

Now is the time I need to recover and try to feel the best I can physically and mentally before the race. As they say "The Hay Is In The Barn".

7 miles

Nice and easy recovery pace. Felt better as the run went on. Gonna do my last long run with a workout mixed in it tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well and I have this flu bug kicked.

12 miles

My legs feel a little sore. I think it's because of running on pavement with some downhill. Good that I'm doing this before boston to get the legs ready. I decided to run on the treadmill for scheduling purposes today. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 pace towards the end. Good effort and nice to get the legs turning a little bit. Felt pretty good except there were times I was coughing. Getting better every day though.

7 miles

Ran an easy 7 miles at recovery pace after school. Kept it easy. Felt okay.

14 miles

I ran from Earthquake park to Totem and back X 2. Nice to get on pavement and run hills again. Averaged 6:44 pace for the entire run, but it didn't feel great. I did feel better than I have since the flu, so its encouraging that I'm getting healthier. Still need to be careful though.

8 miles (10x 100m striders)

Ran on the treadmill due to time. Still don't feel that good. Just tired and coughing still. Ran at General aerobic pace (sub 7), but felt kinda hard.

13.5 miles (5am/8.5pm)

Ran an easy 5 miles on the mille during lunch. After work I drove out to the post office by the airport and ran to totem and back. I figure I need to get my legs used to running on pavement and the hills are good too.

Still don't feel very good. This flu wiped me out pretty good. Just trying to run easy at the point. Hope I get better soon.

March 19th- March 25th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1031 miles

Mileage for the week 3/19- 3/25
31 miles

10 miles

Still not feeling that great, but managed to run outside from the Airport Post office to totem and back. Felt weak, but ok. Nice to run on some dry roads too. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

I was feeling a little better. Decided to try and run easy. I ran at my recovery pace, but I was laboring pretty hard. Still sick....Yuck

INFLUENZA A- I got hit harder than I've ever been hit by this flu. I literally couldn't get myself out of bed for over 2 days!!! My entire body ached, constant head ache, felt like death, cold chills, sweats, nasty burning cough, etc.... No breaks either, I constantly felt horrible for over 48hrs. I wasn't very good mentally either. I just trained pretty darn good for 13 weeks and then it all came crashing down so fast. I hope I can regain my strength and fitness back soon.





10.5 miles (4.5am/6pm)

Both were easy recovery pace. I can tell I'm getting sick. Hopefully I can train easy through it.

March 12th- March 18th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,000 miles

Mileage for the week 3/12- 3/18
88 miles

20 miles

I ran the entire 20 miles outside today. It was sunny and beautiful out. The sidewalks and bike paths were perfect running. Nice and hard packed snow. I ran my Boston prep route and added on to Tudor road and back and a couple loops around my neighborhood.

8+ miles (3+am/5pm)

I had a lot of fun running the Shamrock Shuffle 5K. I dressed up as a Lepercaun and started 5 minutes behind the field. Everybody I passed a dollar was donated to help pay for Marko Cheseto's medical bills. It was definetly hard to pass people the first 1+ mile and it was hard running in the suit. Very hot in that mask. Anyways, I didn't run too hard, but was able to pass a lot of people and I came in 26th overall. It was for a great cause and it looked like everyone was having fun. I didn't really warm up (just some jogging in place) and I didn't cool down at all either.

5 super easy recovery miles in the afternoon. I decided to do this run since I didn't cool down after the 5K in the morning.

18 miles (14am/4pm)

Things didn't go as well as planned. I was suppose to do a 10K Time Trial and I wanted to beat my PR of 33:23. I was on that pace for 4 miles, but I could tell from mile 1 that my legs didn't have it in them. I have to remember that I had a pretty tough workout on sunday and I may not have recovered from that yet. I did salvage the workout a little and did another 2 miles at pace. Here is how it went down:

4 mile warm-up w/ strides
4 miles (5:17, 5:19, 5:20, 5:21)
1:45 rest and then (5:17), 1:30 rest (5:15)
4 mile cool down

In the evening I did a super easy recovery pace 4 miles.

7 miles (6 x 100m striders)

Easy recovery pace with some striders. Legs felt good. We'll see how fast I run the 10K tomorrow morning. Gonna go after a PR!

14 miles

Snowing again in Anchorage. Not going to bother going outside. I could tough it out and run on some miserable trails, but I could also get hit by a car on the way to them. Better to be safe and run on the treadmill. 3.2 more inches to tie the snowfall record in Anchorage. Brutal!!!!

1954-1955 Anchorage snowfall record 132.6"
2012 through March 14th snowfall in Anchorage 129.4"
Average snowfall in Anchorage 74.5"

Started out at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:56 pace. I was actually kind of tired for the 1st half of the run. Not until the pace started picking up did I actually start to feel better. Just want this snow to go away and run outside again with regular running shoes. Gotta suck it up though. Stay tough!!!!

10 miles (5 x 800m w/90 sec rest)

3.5 mile warm up w/ strides
5 x 800m (2:31, 2:30, 2:31, 2:31, 2:28)
4 mile cool down

Legs felt pretty tired. I'm sure it's from Sunday's Marathon pace workout. This is gonna be a small cut back week. I wanna run that 10K faster.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both were easy recovery runs. Need to absorb the workout from yesterday. Legs felt pretty good.

March 5th- March 11th

Mileage for the Year 2012
912 miles

Mileage for the week 3/5- 3/11
102 miles

20 miles (15 @ Marathon Pace)

3 mile warm up
15 @ MP (5:52, 5:46, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:42, 5:39, 5:36, 5:28)
2 mile cool down

This actually felt really comfortable. I eased into pace and just stayed relaxed. Was able to practice taking water every mile and I took a Gu at miles 6 and 11. I felt like I had a lot in the tank after the 15 miles of Marathon pace. A good confidence boost. Good week of running too. My 3rd consecutive 100+ week. 5 weeks till Boston!!!!

8 miles (6 x 100m striders)

Nice and easy on the treadmill today to keep an easy recovery pace. Felt great. Big Marathon pace workout tomorrow. Excited for it!

17 miles (12am/5pm)

I ran my Boston route backwards today from south. Awesome run today. I felt so good! I ran at a real good pace and it felt so effortless. Another beautiful sunny day too.

An easy 5 miler on the treadmill after work. Spring Break has begun. I'm going to lay low and train!

11 miles (5am/6pm)

An easy 5 during lunch and then an easy 6 miler after school. I ran to Huffman and back in the afternoon. It was another beautiful sunny day, but a small cold breeze. We have so much snow! It's gonna take a long time to melt. Gross!

20 miles (5am/15pm)

Easy recovery before work.

Ran my Boston prep route with a little out and back on elmore in the afternoon. It was beautiful out and sunny. I felt pretty good, but was defintely tired the last few miles. The footing was good, but a few short sections werent. It gets frustrating when your tired too. Good day.

16 miles (5am/11pm with 6 x 1000m)

Easy recovery pace before work.

Ran in the dome after school while south was in their practicing. I suprisingly felt good during my workout. I felt fully recovered and actually had a spring to my step, I've been missing. I was tired though during my cool down of 4 miles.

3.5 mile warm-up w/ strides
6 x 1000m w/ 2 min. recovery (3:10, 3:10, 3:11, 3:10, 3:12, 3:10)
4 mile cool down

10 miles (5am/5pm)

Both runs were super easy recovery pace today. Legs a little tired.

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