November 23rd- November 29th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,286 miles

Mileage for the week 11/23- 11/29
54 miles


I did run an easy hike up Falls creek though, but no running.

13 miles

Ran the totem route from the Post office with some extra. Felt pretty good and ran a 5:53 last mile.

8 miles

Ran on treadmill at the AK club.  Kept it easy and ran from 7:40 pace to 6:50 pace.

10 miles

Real nice out just wearing a long sleeve shirt.  A little slick ice in spots.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:23 last mile.  Ran my South Loop.

6 miles

An easy pace run before the wrestling dual meet.

9 miles

General Aerobic from 7:40-6:40 pace.  Felt great and no pain at all in hips today.  Weird.  All the nice snow we got over the weekend has turned to Ice with the warm 40 degree temps.

8 miles

Ran outside to Dearmoun and back.  After a few days of running I'm not sure why my hips were hurting.  Felt a little better after I warmed up.  Good to be outside though.

November 16th- November 22nd

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,232 miles

Mileage for the week 11/16- 11/22
36 miles

Off- Exhausted from wrestling and little sleep.

Off- Wrestling "Lancer Smith Champs"

Off- Wrestling

8.5 miles

Easy progression from 7:40 pace to 6:22 pace.  Felt good.

11 miles (4 miles tempo, 3 min active recovery, 3 miles tempo)

About 1 degree outside, suppose to warm up tomorrow.  Good workout today at the AK club.  Lots of sweat though.

3 mile warm-up w/ strides
4 mile tempo (5:39 down to 5:36)
3 minute recovery at 7:30 pace
3 mile tempo (5:36 down to 5:30)
1 mile cool down

9 miles

General Aerobic at the AK club.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:40ish for half the run. I felt really good.

7 miles

Easy recovery at the AK Club.  Felt good.  1 above today outside and I just wanted to take it easy.

November 9th- November 15th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,196 miles

Mileage for the week 11/9- 11/15
60 miles

13 miles

Ran my Boston prep route and it was cold. My iphone also died after 5 miles due to the cold.  I felt pretty good, but my hips either hurt from the downhill or cold.  Another decent week.

6 miles

Another easy recovery after wrestling tournament. Ran on my treadmill at home for 1st time since over a year ago.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace before dualing Wasilla at Dimond tonight.

8.5 miles

Progressive run at the AK club before our dual meet out in Chugiak. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:30 pace.  Felt great.

10 miles (2 x 3 mile Tempo w/ 400m jog recovery between sets)

Had a good tempo workout today.  It was all comfortable.  Gets warm at the AK club though.

3 mile warm-up w/strides
3 mile tempo (5:42 avg)
400 meter job (2:00 min)
3 mile tempo (5:39 avg)
1 mile cool down

8.5 miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back.  Felt good to be outside. Legs felt a little tired the first 3-4 miles, but felt better as I went.  Ice bugs for sure today.

7 miles

Easy recovery at the AK club.  Felt good.

November 2nd- November 8th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,136 miles

Mileage for the week 11/2- 11/8
62 miles

13.5 miles

Great group run today.  Anna Dalton, TJ, Ryan Cox, Jacob Kirk, Corbyn Jahn, Dylan Petersen, Jake Moe, Tony Tomisch.  Ran from Gooselake to the Hillside trails.  Felt good, but a little tired toward the end.  Great week of running.

9.5 miles (10 x 20 sec strides)

Ran on the coastal trail from Westchester and it was beautiful out.  A little slick, but ok.  Started at 7:15 pace and progressed down to 6:10 pace.  I was keeping it pretty easy, but running faster then I thought.  Felt good.

6 miles

Long day. I was suppose to go to Fairbanks for the North Pole tournament, but weather kept us in Anchorage.  After work I did run to Huffman and back.  Wore Ice bugs, but I probably shouldn't have because there wasn't much ice.  Kept it pretty easy, but felt good.

9 miles

I wanted to run outside and I probably should've of.  It was windy and getting dark, so I just opted for the treadmill at the AK club. Got so sweaty.....  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed to 6:22 pace.  Felt awesome!!!

8 miles (4 @ Tempo)

First workout in a long time........ I felt really good and I kept it on the easier side of tempo.  Ran at the AK club.  Tempo pace was 5:44avg.

8 miles

Ran in the Ice bugs this evening.  Ran to Dearmoun and back.  Felt so good running in the fresh cold air.  Felt good too.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:40 pace outside in the snow with winter gear on.

7.5 miles

Nice and easy at the AK club.  Snowed last night and slick conditions outside.

October 26th- November 1st

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,074 miles

Mileage for the week 10/26- 11/1
40 miles

10  miles

Ran the South Loop with some extra. Kept it pretty easy and I felt good. Having 2 days off helped I'm sure.  6:50 average.

Off- South Wrestling duals

Off- South Wrestling duals

9 miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back with extra.  Started at 7:22 pace and progressed down to a 5:56 mile.

6 miles

Easy pace at the AK club before our Dual meet tonight.

8 miles (8 x 20sec strides)

Ran to Dearmoun and back.  General Aerobic pace with strides at the end.

6 miles

Easy from the AK club.  Kept it easy.

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