April 28th- May 4th

Mileage for the Year 2014
1,386 miles

Mileage for the week 4/28- 5/4
28 miles

6 miles

Another beautiful day.  Ran to Huffman and back after work.  Achilles feels good, but my left heel is kind of tender.  Nice to be running outside though.

6 miles

Easy run to Huffman and back. Weather was beautiful out.  First run in Alaska this year with my shirt off.  Kept it east and my achilles felt really good as far as no pain.  My legs still feel really dead with little pop in them.  Still need to recover.  Encouraging about my achilles though.

5 miles

Took it nice and easy.  Probably 8 min pace on the field turf.  Really excited because my achilles felt great! No pain at all.  I'll keep it easy still for awhile.  I need to make sure it's healed so I can go after my goals this summer.

3 miles

Easy recovery pace on the field turf.

4 miles

super easy on the field turf at South.  I wanted to test my Achilles out with an easy run and thought the field turf would be a great surface for it.  It felt good actually moving the body a little bit.  Achilles felt fine, but I had some pain on my left heel when I started. It was gone after a mile though.  I may or may not try it again tomorrow.


4 miles on the elliptical for 45 minutes.

April 21st- April 27th

Mileage for the Year 2014
1,358 miles

Mileage for the week 4/21- 4/27
27 miles

Off- 40 minutes of easy elliptical.  Felt good to at least do something aerobic.  Gonna take another week off from running to heal my Achilles.  It's better, but still painful at times.






27 miles "26.2 mile- Boston Marathon"  (2:35:27)

118th Boston Marathon
April 21st, 2014
194th place overall out of 31,805 finishers
12th place (40-45 age group)

I made my first real attempt at trying to break 2hrs. 30 min. in this marathon. My preparation was pretty good the 18 weeks leading up to Boston. My mileage was higher than it's ever been and my workouts were better than previous years too. One thing I may have done wrong, is that I didn't get enough pounding on pavement. I ran a lot more on my treadmill then I'm accustomed too, which is great for preparing for warm weather, but I don't get the hard pavement or uphills and downhills that I probably need. Boston has so much downhill that I need to prepare the quads better for that terrain. My legs were pretty much toast at 16 miles this year. I tried my best to keep myself together and not completely blowup. It was one of the hardest things I've done. I suffered for a long time on the course Monday.

I am not making excuses or blaming my performance on one specific thing, but one thing that was discouraging leading into the marathon was that I got injured 1 week before the race. My left Achilles' tendon was very irritated and I could barely run a week before the race. I don't understand how this could of happened. There were exactly zero warning signs and I was being very careful to not overdo anything this close to the race. I was just finishing my 2nd straight taper week and ran 12 miles that Sunday. A few hours after my run, I could tell my Achilles was angry. The next day I could barely run and walking hurt too. It made for a very stressful week leading up to the marathon and very discouraging to me. I did my best to not talk about it to anyone and try to stay positive that it would get better on race day. It never really did. I took a few days off and even during my shakeout runs in Boston my Achilles was painful. If I hadn't just devoted the last 18 weeks to this race, I wouldn't have run. I didn't want to change my goal of sub 2:30 either. I just worked too hard to not at least try. I was committed.

The weather in Boston on race morning was excellent for running. It was in the 50's for just about the entire race. The sun was out, so it felt a little warmer and everyone got a little sun burnt. I took a private bus from MIT to Hopinkton. It was nice to be able to relax and have a bathroom on board. I would recommend this to anyone. I took off for Athletes village and the corrals at 9:20am. I walked to the corrals and got there about 20 minutes before the gun went off. I ran an easy jog for about 10-12 minutes before jumping into corral 1. Surprisingly my Achilles didn't hurt. Maybe it was just the adrenaline I was feeling. I was happy about it either way. I collected my thoughts and got mentally ready while standing in my corral. The gun went off and I was on my way to Boston!

Here are my splits for the race. I included my 5K pace and the half marathon time:

Mile 1: 5:54
Mile 2: 5:49
Mile 3: 5:38
Mile 4: 5:28
Mile 5: 5:43
Mile 6: 5:33
10K- 35:38 (5K- 17:28)
Mile 7: 5:28
Mile 8: 5:42
Mile 9: 5:34
15K- 53:11 (5K- 17:33)
Mile 10: 5:45
Mile 11: 5:45
Mile 12: 5:33
20K- 1:10:57 (5K- 17:46)
Mile 13: 5:41
(Half- 1:14:45)- exactly on pace for what I wanted to run to the second.
Mile 14: 5:36
Mile 15: 5:49
25K- 1:28:46 (5K- 17:49)
Mile 16: 5:42
Mile 17: 6:10
Mile 18: 6:16
30K- 1:48:00 (5K- 19:14)
Mile 19: 6:09
Mile 20: 6:21
Mile 21: 6:37- Heartbreak Hill
35K- 2:07:58 (5K- 19:58)
Mile 22: 6:12
Mile 23: 6:16
Mile 24: 6:17
40K- 2:27:28 (5K- 19:30)
Mile 25: 6:08
Mile 26: 5:42- not sure where this came from.
Last .2: 1:10

Overall: 2:35:27 (5:56 pace)

I just tried to relax in the beginning of the race, but I also wanted to make sure I was on pace for sub 2:30 and hit the splits on my pace band that were specific to this course. I have used maclin's spreadsheet for this race in the previous 5 Boston's I've run and I've always finished strong.

I felt pretty good the first 10K and I didn't feel a thing in my Achilles' tendon. To say the least I was stoked! I remember going through the first 10 miles feeling great. I always remember my buddy Jerry Ross saying that the first 10 miles should feel easy in a marathon and it did. Right after 10 miles though, I started to feel the pain in my Achilles. Damn! It really started to hurt too. I honestly thought I was going to have to pull out of the race within the next mile. There was no way I could finish this race with this pain and I figured it was only going to get worse. I thought to myself, where is the bus that will take runners back to the start? I could't believe that this has happened. Maybe the bus is at the half marathon mark. I'll try to run to the halfway mark at least. I felt good aerobically, but I couldn't run. My form was off because I started to compensate for my Achilles. I couldn't push off my left foot like I wanted too. The pain was pretty good all the way through Weselley's college too. It's always fun running through the screaming tunnel of girls at that stage of the race, but I couldn't truly enjoy it, because my Achilles hurt. Shortly after this though, I noticed I was still running on pace and my Achilles didn't hurt as bad. I figured the pain was so bad, that my Achilles just decided to go numb. Either way, I was happy that it was much more tolerable. When I crossed the half way point I was suppose to be at 1:14:45 and I was exactly on it. Talk about pacing!! The next few miles I just tried to stay relaxed and in control. I was able to follow a couple runners that were running my pace and also trying to run sub 2:30.

As you can see with the above splits the wheels started to fall off before mile 17, which is pretty early in a marathon. I still had 9 miles to go! My quads were done and my feet were beat up and hurting bad. I thought it was going to get really ugly soon. I thought I could completely shut down and have to start walking. I've always heard horror stories and I've seen personally what this course can do to people. People walking down backwards off Heartbreak hill because their quads are shot. I never thought it would happen to me because I train hard and I don't take shortcuts. With the crowds at Boston, it would be a horrible experience to walk. I started to just concentrate getting full breaths and concentrate on my stride and form. I basically took it one mile at a time. I kept thinking to myself, if I run one more mile than I can take a break and I'll be that much closer to Boston. I was also scared if I did stop, I wouldn't be able to get my legs moving again and the pain of my Achilles would really set in to the point I'd have to be carried off the course.

To be honest, this race was one of the toughest things I've done athletically in my life. I really had to dig deep. I got it in my head that I was not going to walk, no matter what. I ran as fast as my legs would take me. I kept thinking over and over to keep my leg turnover going, relax my arms, and look up and forward. I knew my form wasn't pretty and I felt it. It wasn't about my time anymore, it was about surviving and getting to that finish line.

You know why people walk at this stage of a marathon? Because it's easy to walk. They don't want to have to suffer. Its an instant relief. Probably the biggest thing that kept me running were the crowds at Boston. It's amazing!!! The support this city gives to the runners. I kept thinking of the bombings last year too and the people that died and those that lost there limbs and there lives being changed forever. What I'm doing right now is so easy compared to that. No way am I going to take the easy way out and walk. No way!!! I just fed off the crowd and sucked it up.

Coming off of Heartbreak Hill I noticed my splits had fallen off, but not too drastically. It wasn't close to what I was planning on running, but I was somehow keeping it together barely. That really started to motivate me and I knew I would make it into Boston. The crowds of spectator's brought me to the finish line. All my energy was generated from the cheering spectators. I basically gave it all I had the last 2 miles. It was a constant wall of screaming and cheering these last 2 miles. GO ALASKA!!!!! It was so freaking emotional. When I turned onto Boylston street, I actually started to tear up when I was running. Last year 2 bombs went off down this stretch of the course and now the crowds and the city of Boston came back in record numbers to support this race. Boston took there race back! BOSTON STRONG!!!! I felt so freaking proud to be part of it.

When I finished, it was so emotional. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Like always, I put so much into this race. So much time and effort training. The very first thing I think about are my kids Zach and Taelynn. They are my world and I wish they were here to share this moment. I think about my own personal life and my journey. I want to do better. I want to help people more. I know I can do better. There is so many positive people in Boston this weekend and I'm so fortunate to be part of it.

Am I disappointed I didn't reach my goal of sub 2:30? Of course, I'm upset. I'm a competitor. I knew I was in the shape to do it this time. I'm going to give it another go down the road. Not sure when or which marathon, but I want to give another crack at it.

I am very proud of this marathon though. It was really my first competitive marathon where the wheels fell off and I had to fight a long time to get to the finish line. I've said it before, but its what I've learned from the sport of Wrestling that gets me to the finish line. You have to be able overcome adversity. Things aren't going to always go as planned. You have to adapt and move forward. It parallels my life at the moment too. Keep your head up, stay positive and move forward!

April 14th- April 20th "Week #18- Marathon Week!"

Mileage for the Year 2014
1,331 miles

Mileage for the week 4/14- 4/20
25 miles

5 miles

Ran along the Charles River again. Went with Jerry and Monica.  A couple of miles into it, I could feel the pain in the Achilles slightly.  Oh well, I have to give it a go tomorrow.  I'm trying my best to keep my spirits up.  I can't wait to just run this race though!!!!

7 miles w/ 6 x 100m striders

Ran along the Charles river.  I love this loop on marathon weekend.  So many runners.  I just wish I would've enjoyed it more. My Achilles felt fine the first few miles, but then the pain started up again.  It was tolerable for sure, but an annoyance.

Off- Traveled to Boston

Off- Rest achilles

7 miles (3 @ MP)

Not in a good mood.  My Achilles is definitely hurting.  Can't believe I got injured out of nowhere.  No signs, reducing my mileage.  Today's workout was on my treadmill and it hurt while running slow.  I needed to know where I was and if I was going to have to run hurt or not. Here is the workout:

3 mile warm-up w/striders
3 miles at Marathon pace (5:42, 5:42, 5:36)
1 mile cool down

I wanted to know how it felt while running at pace or faster.  It was ok, but definitely not the same. I could feel it and it was sure angry after I was done.  I guess I'm taking 2 full days off and hopefully I can run easy on Saturday and Sunday before the race. Ugggh..... I put so much time and effort into this and I'm in the best running shape of my life.


My Achilles is sure angry at me for some reason.  It's frustrating that it would all of a sudden start to hurt.  No early signs or anything.  Took the day off from running, but I did walk a couple miles.  In the big scheme of things it's okay for a rest day right now, but I like the rhythm I was in. Hopefully better tomorrow.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace to Huffman and back.  Weather was beautiful and 50 degrees out.  My first outdoor run in shorts at least.  My left Achilles down low by my ankle is pretty upset right now. Not sure where that came from.  Need to keep an eye on it. I may not run tomorrow if it's still upset.

April 7th- April 13th "Week #17"

Mileage for the Year 2014
1,306 miles

Mileage for the week 4/7- 4/13
55 miles

12 miles

Had an outstanding run this morning.  Ran my Boston prep route and I felt pretty darn good.  Ran the downhills hard, to get some last pounding of the quads.  Last few miles were sub 6 and it was effortless.  Getting excited to get to Boston and run this marathon!

6 miles

Easy recovery pace to Huffman and back.  It felt really good to get outside and run.  A little chilly this morning with a few small snow flurries.  I felt great.

10 miles (3 x 1 mile @ 5K pace w/ 2 min rest)

I felt much better today.  Whatever bug I had, I believe it is gone.  I hate being sick!  I'm just glad it didn't get worse.  I need to be really smart this next week with my health, sleep, etc...

I had a good workout today. Felt good and relaxed during my miles @ 5K pace.

3 mile warm-up w/striders
3 X 1 mile w/ 2 min rest (5:00, 4:56, 4:56)
3.5 mile cool down

6 miles

Still fighting this bug.  It's not a cold, but I just feel run down big time.  I did feel better after work today and ran an easy 6 to Huffman and back and it went pretty good. I think it's more of a stomach bug, because I feel bloated and have some gas issues. Gonna get another good nights sleep and keep pumping the fluids and airbornes.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace after work.  I woke up and I felt tired and pretty weak.  I believe I'm fighting a bug.  Gotta really concentrate and focus on rest and recovery right now and shake this.  I don't think it'll get bad though.  I felt pretty good running, but tired.

9 miles

Had to get up early to get my run done, since I have to work at skinny raven after work.  My garage was really warm today and sweat was everywhere.  General Aerobic pace.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:07 pace.  Felt good, but tired.

6 miles

An easy recovery pace run today after school.  It's nice to sleep in an extra hour before school.  I wasn't really motivated to run this today, but I felt good while doing it.  Getting so close.  Used the foam roller after I ran to help with my muscle soreness.

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