March 29th- April 4th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1070 miles

Mileage for the week 3/29- 4/4
70 miles

18 miles

Was going to do this workout at the Dome, but it was closed because of Easter.

2 mile warm up on treadmill
2 mile tempo- 5:39, 5:39 on treadmill
9 miles outside on south loop @ 6:38 pace
3 mile tempo- 5:39, 5:33, 5:30 on treadmill
2 mile cool down

18 total

I felt great today! I was very much in control on tempo and could've easily gone for an hour. The hay is in the barn and I'm ready to roll in Boston!!!!

8 miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back with the extra loop. Kept it easy.

7+ miles (6 X 100m striders)

Dearmoun and back. felt good.

7 miles- recovery

Nice and easy pace on the treadmill at school. Felt good though.

13 miles

Ran the Boston prep route today with an added mile at the end. Wanted to run 14 miles today, but ran out of time. I averaged about 6:30 pace on the run. Felt good and strong! Ran up Huffman at about 7:15pace.

10 miles (8 X 100m striders)

Ran the south loop w/ an extra mile. Averaged 6:30 pace for the entire run. Felt easy. Nice to run in regular shoes in Anchorage again. Sick of those Ice Bugs!

6 miles- recovery

Nice and easy on the treadmill. Wasn't going to run because I felt tired from Hawaii trip. Nice to get the legs moving a little though.

March 22nd- March 28th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1000 miles

Mileage for the week 5/22- 5/28
92 miles

20 miles

Took off from hotel at 5:30am to beat the heat. Carried a bottle of water with me to drop off at mile 5 so I'd have it at the 15 mile mark. Followed the Honolulu Marathon course and took a gu at the 10 mile mark. I struggled a little. Warmer than usual. 90 mile week and little rest on this trip. I was hitting low 6min. pace the last 5 miles though. Good effort.

10 miles

Another great run in the land of paradise! Ran to the freeway and back.

10 miles (8 X 100m stirders)

Great run this morning at 6am. I love running on this island. A little tired from chaperoning the kids until 10:30pm last night.

18 miles (15am/3+pm)

Had a great run this morning on the Honolulu Marathon course. First few miles were dark and it was raining. Felt so good. Spent the day snorkeling, but the evening workout was just going up and down Diamond Head.

13 miles (6 x 1200m @ 5K pace w/ 2min. rest)

Took off from hotel and headed toward Diamond Head. I warmed up for 30 min. then began the intervals. I didn't have a track to run on, so I went by effort and ran what I thought was 5K pace for 4 minutes (so probably a little longer than 1200m.) I felt pretty good and under control. When I was done with intervals I still have 25+ minutes of running to get back to hotel. I had no water, so I was defintely feeling it on the way back.

8 miles- easy

Only had time for 8 easy miles this morning. Off to Hawaii!!!!

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Nice and easy today. Felt good though. Leave for Hawaii tomorrow!

March 15th- March 21st

Mileage for the Year 2010
908 miles

Mileage for the week 3/15- 3/21
90 miles

20 miles

Had a great run today! Took off from the Dome and ran to the Totem and back. I averaged 6:35 pace and it was easy. Roads were dry too!

8 miles

Nice and super easy this morning on the treadmill before wresting tournament.

16 miles (4am/12pm w/ 10K PR of 33:23)

Ran an easy 4 miles this morning during lunch. 10K went great tonight at the dome. I did an easy 2 mile+ warm up with some striders. Some fast UAA guys showed up too. David Kipligat ran 30:48 and Jake Parisen was low 31 min. I'm pleased with my time. It was a 30 sec. PR and I felt pretty comfortable for most of the race. Here are my splits:

mile 1: 5:17
mile 2: 5:24
mile 3: 5:22
mile 4: 5:23
mile 5: 5:22
mile 6: 5:18
last .2: 1:13

Overall: 33:23

4 mile cool down at the end and was tired. Good day!

6 miles

Nice and easy on the treadmill at school. 10K time trial at the dome tomorrow night.

14 miles

I ran my hilly Boston route today. Legs felt tired though, plus I didn't enjoy running in soft snow, slush, and ice. Also the dry sections in ice bugs wasn't fun. Glad I got it done though.

14 miles (5am/9pm- 8X800m @ 5K pace w/90 sec. rest)

Took it nice and easy during lunch on the treadmill at school. Was going to do the evening workout at the dome for my 800's, but got kicked out because ASD had the dome until 6pm. Ended up driving home and doing the workout on the treadmill. Good effort and felt strong.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

A couple of easy recovery paced runs on the treadmill. Took it really easy after yesterday's effort.

March 8th- March 14th

Mileage for the Year 2010
818 miles

Mileage for the week 3/8- 3/14
80 miles

20 miles (15 @ Marathon pace)

3 mile warm-up @ 7:30 pace
mile 1: 5:52
mile 2: 5:52
mile 3: 5:52
mile 4: 5:52
mile 5: 5:52
mile 6: 5:52
mile 7: 5:52
mile 8: 5:52
mile 9: 5:52
mile 10: 5:52
mile 11: 5:49
mile 12: 5:46
mile 13: 5:42
mile 14: 5:39
mile 15: 5:36

2 mile cool down @ 7:08 pace

Glad I got this quality workout done. Even though I was sick for most of the week, I came out of the week feeling strong again. 5 more weeks until Boston!

8 miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back with extra loop. Nice and sunny outside but a little cool still. Felt good to run outstide and kept the pace nice and easy. Big workout tomorrow.

12 miles (6am/6pm)

First run was outside to Huffman and back w/ extra loop. Kept it easy! Nice to be outside though. Evening run was super easy on the mille. Health is almost back to normal.

18 miles (15a/3pm)

Had to run on the treadmill today, because I had nobody to watch taelynn. I felt really good. Kind of a progressive run today. Started at 7:30 pace for first mile and dropped it down to 6:07 pace at the end.

12 miles (6am/6pm)

A couple of super easy runs today on the treadmill. Feel a lot better than yesterday, but kept it easy. Hopefully get back on track in the next couple of days.

Off- Sick!

Chest and throat burn and can't stop coughing.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

A couple easy recovery runs. Pretty sick right now. Throat and chest burns a little while running. It's spring break, so I'm trying to lay around. Need to get rid of this. Was hoping for a solid week of training without having to work.

March 1st- March 7th

Mileage for the Year 2010
738 miles

Mileage for the week 3/1- 3/7
75 miles

18 miles

Well, I'm officially sick. Ran my boston route and finished up with 6 miles on the treadmill. Throat burns a little while running. Feel run down too.

12 miles
10K "Time Trial"- 33:52

Time trial went good today, despite the chest cold I developed. I think I'm in 33:30 shape, but the last couple of weeks caught up to me. The last 2 miles were tough for me. Here are my splits:

mile 1: 5:26
mile 2: 5:25
mile 3: 5:22
mile 4: 5:25
mile 5: 5:32
mile 6: 5:29
last .2: 1:17

Overall: 33:52 10K- PR

6 miles- recovery pace

Ran easy on the treadmill to get ready for tomorrow's 10K "Time Trial"

8 mile w/ 6 X 100m striders

Didn't have the greatest run today. Ran to Dearmoun and back with extra loop. Legs felt pretty tired and my right hip flexor was acting up.

9 miles (5 X 800m @ 5K pace w/ 90sec rest)

Ran at the dome. 3 mile warm-up with some strides. 800's went good, maybe a little fast @ 2:30-2:31. Felt fully recovered though after 90 sec. 3 1/2 mile cool down. Good workout.

15 miles

Ran my boston prep course and last 3 on treadmill. Feeling really fit, but legs are a little tired.

7 miles- recovery

Nice and super easy on the mille.

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