April 25th- May 1st

Mileage for the Year 2011
1215 miles

Mileage for the week 4/25- 5/1
22 miles

6+ miles

Ran to Huffman and back with extra loop. Hopefully I can get back to more consistent training, if I can get rid of this cold.

Off- sick

Off- sick

Off- sick

5.5 miles

Ran to Huffman and back. Getting sick :(

5.5 miles- Recovery

Huffman and back again. Felt a little better than yesterday. Kept it easy.

5.5 miles- Recovery

1st run since Boston. Could still feel it in the quads. Felt okay and nice to get outside and get the blood flowing again.

April 18th- April 24th "Boston Marathon"

Mileage for the Year 2011
1193 miles

Mileage for the week 4/18- 4/24
27 miles







26.2 miles "Boston Marathon" 2:34:29

4th year in a row running the Boston marathon and I’m proud to say that I have improved every year. Here are the Year’s progressions:

2008: 2:44:01

2009: 2:37:12

2010: 2:36:04

2011: 2:34:29

It was a long road getting myself ready this year. I had an ankle surgery on August 24th. I had a loose particle that was causing a lot of discomfort, so I decided to have it removed and they cleaned out the ankle real well (ankle scope). The big downfall is that I was diagnosed with a blood clot 7 days later as a result of the surgery. I was put on the blood thinner (Coumadin) and had to be really careful. Luckily, I was taken off the Coumadin in a short 2 months. Besides some elliptical training and a few aqua jogging sessions in the pool, I really didn’t start running again until November 1st. In the process, I unfortunately was able to put on a good 10lbs. of fat and I took some big steps backward in fitness. I started out running no more than 5 miles a day about 4-5 times a week and it wasn’t easy. Gradually, I got my long run up to 10-12 miles before I started my Marathon training plan in Mid-December.

I officially started training for the 2011 Boston Marathon on December, 13th, 2010. I have always used the 18 week training plan and it has worked out well. I don’t want to get into detail, but it consists of lots of easy runs after each hard day, medium long runs, tempo runs, VO2max workouts, and of course the long runs. Here is my mileage during this marathon build up.

Week #1- 65 miles

Week #2- Off

Week #3- 65 miles

Week #4- 72 miles

Week #5- 80 miles

Week #6- 72 miles

Week #7- 86 miles

Week #8- 83 miles

Week #9- 86 miles

Week #10- 70 miles

Week #11- 90 miles

Week #12- 80 miles

Week #13- 91 miles

Week #14- 80 miles

Week #15- 91 miles

Week #16- 76 miles (taper)

Week #17- 54 miles (taper)

Week #18- 30 miles (taper)

Overall Training Mileage: 1, 271 miles

Race Report

I was able to get about 4-5 hours of sleep the night before. I finally rolled out of bed at 6am and showered and got ready to hit the shuttle in my hotel at 7:30am. I reached Hopinkton at 9:00am an hour before the race and found my friends Jerry Ross (2:24:32) and Casey Miller (2:39:13). We went for an easy 5 minute jog and then stretched a little and then changed into our racing gear on the Adidas bus. We then jogged slowly to the start which was less than a mile away and about 10 minutes later the race began. I really wasn’t nervous because this is my 4th consecutive Boston and I pretty much know how things are going to start. I was very excited to run though.

Mile1: 6:08 (Goal pace: 6:06) +:02

I took it real easy the first mile. Since the first mile is a pretty steep downhill many runners make the mistake and go out too fast and pay for it later. I was able to run next to Casey Miller and we hit the first mile marker at the same time. I just kept thinking to myself that I couldn’t believe the race has already begun. I just spent the last 18 weeks really focusing on this one race. I kept thinking to just try and relax and not get caught up with the big crowds. The first 10 miles should really feel pretty easy if I run them correct. Great conditions today too. It was sunny and the temperature was in the mid 50’s with a slight tailwind during sections of the course.

Mile 2: 6:00 (Goal pace: 6:00) even

Another easy mile and still pretty crowded. Still just trying to relax and go easy. I don’t want to waste energy trying to pass a bunch of people by swerving in and out. That will work itself out later in the race.

Mile 3: 5:50 (Goal pace: 5:44) +:06 (5K split: 18:38)

Hit the 5K mark and I was 11 seconds off the pace I needed for a sub 2:34. I realized I needed to start paying attention to my splits now. Having run the first 5K so easy, it was actually probably a good thing. It helped serve as a real good warm-up. Lots of running still left to do.

Mile 4: 5:39 (Goal pace: 5:48) -:09

I’m feeling really good right now, but I start to pick it up a little. I realize that it’s still a race and I came here to run a certain time. Plus, I wanted to get back on my goal pace. I went through the town of Ashland during this mile. Great crowds!

Mile 5: 5:47 (Goal pace: 5:54) -:07

Mile 6: 5:44 (Goal pace: 5:46) -:02 (10K: 36:33)

I waited until the 6 mile mark to take my first gu. I’m feeling really strong and I start getting a little under my 2:34 pace. By the 10K mark I was actually under by 2 seconds, so I’m feeling good about sticking to the plan.

Mile 7: 5:43 (Goal pace: 5:49) -:06

Traveled through the town of Framingham and again there were huge crowds. What makes this marathon so great is all the people that come out to cheer and support. Everyone that runs Boston for the first time cannot get over these crowds.

Mile 8: 5:46 (Goal pace: 5:51) -:05

Mile 9: 5:43 (Goal pace: 5:47) -:04

I have been in a pretty good running grove. I’m still trying to run relaxed and stay at an even pace. It’s actually starting to feel pretty warm out. I notice everyone around me is glistening with sweat. I start to think I wish I would’ve worn shades. I have to squint my eyes because the sun is almost glaring right at me. It amazes me all the crowds that come out to support this marathon in these towns that we run through. They are so loud and positive that it actually really motivates you to run well and you can feed off of it. It makes me want to run faster, but I’m trying to be smart enough to stick with the plan.

Mile 10: 5:46 (Goal pace: 5:54) -:08

At this point in the race there is a big pond on your right called Fisk Pond. I felt so relaxed that I was actually looking over at and seeing people fishing in boats and I thought what a beautiful place to live.

Mile 11: 5:48 (Goal pace: 5:54) -:06

Travel through the town of Natick. Of course there was another huge crowd.

Mile 12: 5:40 (Goal pace: 5:45) -:05

The Wellesley College girls were in full effect again. You can hear the screaming tunnel so far away and then it’s so loud when you run by. Lots of signs and girls trying to get kisses, but I didn’t see any runners stop and try to get kissed this year. I suppose more people are focused on their time in the front of the race. I’ve heard stories of guys getting kissed by 5 or 6 girls and taking minutes to get through that short section. The crowd at Wellesley really helps during the race. It takes your mind off of running for a little while. It is so ridiculously loud that I can’t help but smile every time I run by. I take my 2nd gu somewhere between 12 and 13 miles.

Mile 13: 5:45 (Goal pace: 5:49) -:04 (Half: 1:16:25)

I pass the half marathon mark in 1:16:25 and I’m 18 seconds under pace. Looking back I wish I would’ve been a little slower, but it’s not like I’m running way out of my league and I’m feeling pretty good.

Mile 14: 5:46 (Goal pace: 5:49) -:03

Mile 15: 5:51 (Goal pace: 5:53) -:02

Mile 16: 5:42 (Goal pace: 5:40) +02

Still feeling pretty good, but I can tell my legs are feeling a little heavier, but I know the Hills are about to begin. It’s also the first time since the beginning of the race that my mile split was positive for my goal pace, but only by 2 seconds.

Mile 17: 5:57 (Goal pace: 5:58) -:01

This is where the Newton Hills begin. They aren’t anything super steep and long, but they come at a tough time in the race. It’s uphill for the first ½ mile here then levels out. I take my 3rd gu somewhere in this mile. I also snatch my free PowerAde gel (Double Latte with 2X the caffeine). I carry this gel with me until I get to the top of Heart Break Hill.

Mile 18: 6:04 (Goal pace: 5:58) +:06

This is where I run up the 2nd of the Newton Hills by the Newton Fire Station. I can definitely feel this hill and it’s pretty steep and slows me down. I adjust my stride for it and know that I could go faster, but I’d rather save my energy and feel better when I get to the top of Heartbreak and can roll into Boston. I have a 6 second positive split here.

Mile 19: 5:52 (Goal pace: 5:47) +:05

Mile 20: 6:02 (Goal pace: 5:57) +:05

Newton Hill #3 is where you go past the John Kelly statue. It has a slight downhill in the beginning, but then and uphill section over a ½ mile long. I realize that I’m giving up small chunks of time, but I’m hoping that I will feel good at the top of Heartbreak hill and can make it up going into Boston.

Mile 21: 6:18 (Goal pace: 6:06) +:12 “Heartbreak Hill”

Good old Heartbreak Hill was tough this year. It’s the 4th and last of the Newton Hills. I ran about 12 seconds slower than my pace band allowed. The crowds here were great, but I was struggling a little. I probably would’ve lost more time if it wasn’t for the crowd’s encouragement. Plus, I knew that this was the last steep climb of the race. My legs were really starting to feel it though and I had some doubt in my mind whether I could roll into Boston. I hit the top of the hill and I take my last gu with some water and hope the caffeine can give me the perk I need to finish this race off. I really am wishing the finish line was closer though. I also realize that it’s going to be tough these last 5 miles, but I have to deal with it. I need to start getting tough!

Mile 22: 5:51 (Goal pace: 5:49) +:02

This mile starts off with a pretty good downhill for a ½ mile before it levels off. My quads are pretty much screaming at this point. I don’t remember in years past feeling this bad. I just try to relax and let gravity help. I keep loosening up my shoulders and hands and try to be smooth. This is also where we run by Boston College. This crowd is just as good as Wellesley if not better. It is so loud and so many college kids out partying. A couple of them try handing me a keg glass of beer and I actually smile for about a ½ second.

Mile 23: 5:57 (Goal pace: 5:56) +:01

Mile 24: 5:52 (Goal pace: 5:49) +:03

Mile 25: 5:49 (Goal pace: 5:55) -:06

These last few miles are hard to explain. I was able to get back on pace and even finished real strong after Heartbreak. One person actually caught up to me the last couple miles and I had the strength and determination to actually not let him beat me and I put a pretty good gap on him the last couple miles. I don’t think anyone passed me from Mile 20 on and I did a lot of passing the last six miles from those who took it out to hard. I was definitely hurting and my legs were thrashed, but I knew I was running good. It’s just such a weird feeling at this stage of the race where your body and mind is in such pain. I just kept my head up and looked straight ahead and focused on my leg turnover. I tried hard to stay relaxed, but I could feel myself trying to tighten up. I really wanted to be done, but I kept thinking back to the last 18 weeks. I worked my butt off and I had to give it everything I had. The last 18 weeks couldn’t be just a waste of time. I would’ve been pretty disappointed if I would’ve just shut it down and jogged it in. Plus, the crowds the last few miles are insane. I was wearing my Skinny Raven Alaska singlet and all I could hear was GO ALASKA!!!! Obviously I don’t know these people but it really helped me get to the finish.

Mile 26: 5:50 (Goal pace: 5:58) -:08

After you pass the Citgo Sign you have 1 mile to go. At this point I was just going to give it everything I had. I was starting to make weird facial expressions and gritting my teeth. I wasn’t sure when I was going to run Boston again if ever and I wanted to leave it all on the course. I kept telling myself to stay strong and don’t slow down.

Last .2 : 1:12

The last .2 of the course you take a slight uphill before taking a left onto Boylston Street. Once you take that left the crowd noise is deafening and you can see the big blue and yellow finish area, but it’s still a ways down the street. There were about 2 people I had a chance to pass and I still managed to go after it and I blew by them. I crossed the finish and was very happy to not be running any more. Even though I hurt, it’s such a great feeling. It’s such a sense of overwhelming accomplishment. I don’t think you can understand until you do it yourself. The Marathon has so many ups and downs and you battle for so long. I was 29 seconds off my goal, but I couldn’t complain. I got another Personal Record and I battled the whole way. The last 4 ½ months was a battle. There were lots of times where I had doubt if I could get back to where I was before surgery. I struggled through some nagging injuries too. I pretty much had no social life because I had to run during my lunch breaks and around my full time job and coaching schedule while trying to be a good father and husband to my family. It definitely feels worth it when they put that medal around your neck at the finish.

Overall Time: 2:34:29 (5:53 pace)

Overall Place: 141st out of 23,879 finishers.

April 11th- 17th

Mileage for the Year 2011
1166 miles

Mileage for the week 4/11- 4/17
30 miles

4 miles

Ran around the charles river. Felt pretty good. Tomorrow is Race Day!

5+ miles

Ran around the charles river w/ some 20 sec. striders

Off- Travel to Boston

6 miles

Nice and easy to Huffman and back.

7 miles (3 @ MP)

Felt good. Ran on the treadmill. Marathon Pace was 5:52-5:50.

6+ miles

Nice and easy to Huffman and back. 6:40 pace.

Off- Recovery

105 days in a row and need the rest day. Gotta get rested for Boston.

April 4th- April 10th

Mileage for the Year 2011
1136 miles

Mileage for the week 4/4- 4/10
54 miles

12 miles

Ran with J Ross. Started at the skinny mini and ran out towards Kincaid park. Huge snowflakes during the run and then it turned really nice out. Some good hills on the route. Perfect last double digit run before Boston! Just ran 105 days in a row. I will be taking a rest day tomorrow. Gotta get rested up for Boston.

7 miles (8 x 100m striders)

Ran on the mille before the wrestling tournament. Felt really good today.

5.5 miles

Ran to Huffman and back. Was going to take a rest day, but it was beautiful outside. I actually ran in shorts outside for the 1st time this year.

8.5 miles (3 x 1600m @ 5K pace w/ 2 min. rest)

Huge wind gusts today. Thankful for the dome. Here is the workout:

3 mile warm-up w/ striders
3 x 1600m w/ 2 min. rest (5:05, 5:05, 5:07)
2.5 mile cool down

1600's went good. Made sure my rest was 2 min. only. Last tough workout before Boston. Let's do this!!!!!

6+ miles

Nice and easy to Huffman and back with extra loop.

9 miles (8 x 100m striders)

We received a bunch of snow this morning, so I ran inside on the treadmill to avoid the roads and sidewalks. Felt pretty good.

6 miles- recovery

Easy recovery pace today on the treadmill. Felt really good though.

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