June 29th- July 5th

Mileage for the Year 2015
1,912 miles

Mileage for the week 6/29- 7/5
60 miles

9 miles (2.5am/6.5pm)

Ran to get my car in the am.  It was actually nice to get a short run.  Exhausted from the weekend and took a nap when I got back from Anchorage.  Easy run to Huffman and back in the evening.

Hiked up and Down Mt. Marathon.

Took an off day from running, but got the blood flowing hiking up past the 1/2 way part of Mt. Marathon during the womens race.  It was alot of fun seeing the race from that perspective.  Great weekend in Seward and met some nice people.

15 miles "Lost Lake"

It was a great day to run Lost Lake.  I was thinking an easy pace through, but we ended up pushing the pace and ran it around 1:52.  A lot faster than I wanted too.  Ran with Lars Flora, Ryan Beckett, Corbyn Jahn, Jim McDonough, Cody Preist, and 3 Kenyans.

10 miles

Back in Alaska today and it felt great to run in the cool temps.  Ran my South loop and kept it easy.  Felt good even though my diet wasn't very good in Vegas.  Running Lost Lake tomorrow!

8 miles

Treadmill in hotel.  Sunburned today:) Kept it easy.

8 miles

Treadmill in hotel.  Gonna be 108 again today:)  Pool day.

7 miles

Treadmill in hotel.  Lots of sun. Pool day.

June 22nd- June 28th

Mileage for the Year 2015
1,852 miles

Mileage for the week 6/22- 6/28
31 miles

8 miles

Found a treadmill in my hotel.  Not the nicest, but it'll do.  Nice to run in the air conditioned gym.


Traveled to Las Vegas and walked A LOT on the strip. Tired and hot:)

6 miles

Another easy recovery pace run after work today.  Felt good.  I still had that pain behind my knee, but didn't feel it at all running on flat ground.  Last day of summer school and off to Las Vegas tonight!!!

5 miles (Falls Creek Hike)

Had a lot of fun hiking up Falls Creek.  Went up to the lake and it was beautiful.  The weather was great as well.  I felt good, but I always seem to get some pain on the back of my left knee (muscular, ligament, or tendon?) it's kind of painful.  Anyways, its usally just on my first hike of the year.  Just differnet muscles then I'm use to using running.  Coming back down we ran a little and my quads were tired!!!! Not use to it and still recovering from the Marathon.

6 miles

Another easy run.  I was going to run with the training group, but it's hard when I get off work at 2:30 and I can get it done then.  Maybe I'd have more of a social life if I waited.  Anyways, my legs are still tired, but I love getting out in this weather. Gonna keep it real easy all week.

6 miles

Decided to run really easy today.  The sun was out and I didn't want to miss the beautiful day.  Ran to Huffman and back.  I could tell my legs are still a little beat up, but I can honestly say I've never felt this good post marathon.


Another day of complete rest after marathon.

June 15th- June 21st

Mileage for the Year 2015
1,821 miles

Mileage for the week 6/15- 6/21
52 miles

Off- recovery

28 miles (26.2 Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon- 2:34:28)

I am really pleased with this race.  I set a new personal record by 1 second over my 2011 Boston Marathon and this is a much more challenging course.  I feel like I'm pretty experienced in the Marathon now since this was my 15th marathon.  I felt really relaxed the 1st half of the race and it was nice to run with a small group of Dylan Peterson, Jacob Kirk, and having Forest Tarbath run the 1st 9 miles with us was nice too.  I just kind of sat back and relaxed.  Weather was great too.  When I got to the paved Campbell Airstrip road at mile 15 I still decided to not go hard down the 3 miles to Tudor road.  I felt pretty good the entire race, but the last 6 miles is always a grind.  I just tried to keep good form and keep the legs turning over.  It's a weird feeling like your legs are just going to start cramping or just a heavy feeling, but they keep moving.  That's why long runs are important.

I was also super happy to negative split the course.  I came through the half at 1:17:44 and I finished with a 2:34:28.  Ran a smart race and finished just 1 min. 50 seconds from the winner.  Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 5:55
Mile 2: 6:01
Mile 3: 5:53
Mile 4: 5:55
Mile 5: 5:46
Mile 6: 5:54
Mile 7: 6:02
Mile 8: 5:42
Mile 9: 5:49
Mile 10: 5:47
Mile 11: 6:05
Mile 12: 5:44
Mile 13: 5:55
Mile 14: 6:18
Mile 15: 5:41
Mile 16: 5:41
Mile 17: 5:41
Mile 18: 5:40
Mile 19: 5:45
Mile 20: 5:45
Mile 21: 5:58
Mile 22: 5:44
Mile 23: 5:44
Mile 24: 5:49
Mile 25: 5:49
Mile 26: 6:01

4 miles

Just a shorts shake out run before the big day.  I felt good, even though it's still warm out.  Done this before and I'm excited to get it started tomorrow.

6 miles ( 6 x 20sec strides)

Easy recovery pace w/ strides.  It was hot out, but I felt good.  Almost race day.


Usually take this day off before Marathons.

8 miles (3 @ Marathon pace)

It was another hot day out.  After work I got after it right away.  I ran my Marathon pace miles too fast, but I felt good and have plenty of days to recover.  Ran to Dearmoun and back.  Now it's time to rest and get to the line feeling good.

3 mile warm-up w/ 2 strides
3 miles @ MP (5:35, 5:39, 5:34)
2 miles @ 6:45

6 miles

Easy recovery pace after work today.  It was about 83 degrees and sunny.  Felt good to be outside, but legs a little sore and tired from last friday and saturday.  I do a little marathon pace work tomorrow and then really recover the next few days before Saturday.

June 8th- June 14th

Mileage for the Year 2015
1,789 miles

Mileage for the week 6/8- 6/14
64 miles

6 miles

Ran an easy recovery pace run today to Huffman and back.  Foamed rolled and took an espom salt bath.  Time to get the legs feeling really good for Saturday.

13 miles

Ran with Tomisch, Petersen, Tarbath, and Tilly today.  We wanted to check out the tank trails for the Mayorathon course, but the military turned us away because of live war games with ammo fire.  So, we crossed the road and ran the hillside trails by Service.  I'm not use to running hills and trails right now and we started to pick up the pace a little and I could feel my legs were getting a little tired since these are muscles I'm not use to using.  I have a big race next saturday, so played it smart and slowed down the last few miles.  1 more week!!!!

6 miles

We took our summer school kids up to Arctic Valley today and we did a hike from the parking lot to the 2 peaks up there.  It was a really great experience for some of these kids.  Some have never been in the mountains and some have never even been hiking.  I kept it really easy because I haven't been hiking at all and I didn't want to use muscles I haven't been using and get really sore.  Coming down I could feel my legs were getting tired, so I slowed down even more.

Ran an easy recovery pace 6 when I got home.  Felt pretty good, but tired.  I was going to run my 1st Beer mile tonight at 9pm, but I'm gonna pass.  Just too tired from today and I have a marathon next saturday:)

11 miles ( 3 x 1 mile @ 5K pace w/ 2:30 rest)

I was really tired after work today.  I could probably get to better a little earlier, plus I'm on my feet all day and I get tired.  Anyways,  I get myself motivated to run right after work, so I can enjoy my evening.  I ran this workout between Huffman and Dearmoun.  It has hills and I try not to focus on the time since it's more challenging then the track.  I just go off of effort.  I averaged about 5:08 per mile.  I still don't like VO2 max work.  I know I need to probably focus a little more on this if I want to run better at shorter distances.  Anyways, I'm glad it's done.

3 mile warm-up w/ strides
3 x 1 mile @ 5K pace w/ 2:30 rest
4 mile cool down (6:45 avg.)

10 miles

Easy recovery pace on my south loop after work.  I was gonna run a 3 X 1 mile workout with the skinny raven training group, but opted out to save that for tomorrow.  I got home at 3pm and I really didn't want to wait until 6pm to run.  Plus, I'm glad I put that off until tomorrow because my legs felt tired today.

10 miles (10 x 20 sec strides)

Ran general aerobic pace on my south loop.  Another cool and windy day.  I felt a lot better then yesterday and had a little spring to my step.

8 miles

Easy recovery pace after work today.  My legs felt a little tired, but not too bad.  I had to make a conscious effort to slow down to recover.  Ran to Dearmoun and back.

June 1st- June 7th

Mileage for the Year 2015
1,725 miles

Mileage for the week 6/1- 6/7
82 miles

18 miles

Last long run in the books, so I guess the hay is all in the barn for this marathon.  I wanted to run a little on the tank trail which is part of Mayors course, but couldn't find anyone to go with me.  So, I just parked at Westchester and ran to Totem and back on coastal trail and then a little on chester creek trail too.  I felt pretty good, but legs must of been a little tired from the 12K race on Friday.  Started at 7:25 pace and progressed down to 6 min pace the last 4-6 miles with a 5:45 last mile.  Sun was out finally, so it was good to get some sunshine too:)

8 miles

Had a good super easy recovery pace run to Dearmoun and back today.  Felt really good to get moving after the race last night.

12 miles (Twilight 12K- 40:57)

I had a lot of fun racing and afterwards at the Skinny Raven 12K.  They always put on a good race with Pizza and Beer at the finish.  The race went well.  I wasn't too concerned with time or placing.  I just wanted to get a good hard effort in before my marathon in 2 weeks.  I felt pretty good during the race and never really pushed the pace until I put in a little surge between miles 5 and 6.  It was just a 30-40 sec surge to get Lars Flora off my back a little.  With his skiing background I didn't want to battle him on the final uphill climb to the finish.  I did push it up the hill and towards the finish, but other than that I felt strong and comfortable.  I was happy with the race.

3 mile slow warm-up w/ a few strides
Twilight 12K
1.5 mile cool down

8 miles

Easy recovery pace to Dearmoun and back.  I felt good, but really wanted to stay easy since I'm gonna race the Twilight 12K tomorrow night.

14 miles

Another day of summer school and on my feet all day.  I felt really good running though afterwards.  I ran my Boston prep route and felt really strong.  Started at 7:30 pace and was right around 6 min pace the last 5-6 miles and I was keeping it pretty easy since I'll run hard on Friday night.

10 miles (10 x 20 sec strides)

Kept it pretty easy today, but my legs were a lot more tired then yesterday.  It may also be because I was on my feet all day teaching summer school.  Threw in some strides at the end.  I also foamed rolled and stretched a little before jumping in shower.

10 miles

Kept it easy recovery pace after a big day yesterday and week.  I actually felt really good running though and a little suprised.  Ran my south loop.

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