May 28th- June 3rd

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,616 miles

Mileage for the week 5/28- 6/3
87 miles

17 miles

Ran my boston route and added on to Tudor and back on Elmore extention.  My legs did feel pretty tired, but seemed to feel better after 8-9 miles.  I had another good week of training.  Hope to get some good mileage the next few weeks!

6 miles- recovery

Nice and easy to huffman and back.  Felt good.

15 miles (4am/11pm) Twilight 12K- 41:16 5th place

I ran an easy 4 miles in the morning to shake out the legs a little.  Then ran the twilight 12K at 7pm.  Great race.  One of my favorites in Alaska.

2+ mile warm-up w/ strides
12K (7.6m)- 41:16
1 mile cool down

Felt pretty good throughout the race.  1st mile was a little fast, but just tried to relax throughout the race.  I was able to pass a couple runners that took it out too fast around the 5 mile mark.  It was also a PR for me on this course.  Averaged 5:32 pace.

2012- 41:16
2011- DNR
2010- 41:28
2009- 41:46
2008- 41:44

12 miles (6am/6pm)

Kept both runs easy again today to rest up for the 12K race tomorrow night.  Legs are feeling pretty good.

12 miles (6am/6pm w/ 6x100m striders)

Both runs were recovery pace, but I threw in some striders in my afternoon run.  Legs feeling a little tired, but once they are warmed up I feel a lot better.  Couple of easy runs tomorrow too before the 12K on Friday night.

17 miles (13am/4pm)

Ran my boston prep route this morning.  A little chilly out with the wind.  I felt pretty good today.  Started at 7:15 pace and progressed down to 6:05 pace the last few miles. Good effort.

An easy 4 miles in the afternoon while I dropped my son off at wrestling practice.  Ran on the chester creek system.

8 miles- recovery

Beautiful sunny morning.  Kept it easy.  Ran to Dearmoun and back.

May 21st- May 27th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,529 miles

Mileage for the week 5/21- 5/27
78 miles

11 miles (7am/4pm)

Both easy recovery runs.  I actually felt pretty good despite running a 1/2 marathon yesterday.  Getting motivated for the summer running training.

17 miles (Trent/Waldron Half-Marathon- 1:15:24)

2 mile warm-up
13.1 mile race- 1:15:24 (3rd place)
2 mile cool down

Race went okay.  I kinda expected that I wasn't in the best shape.  I've been running since boston, but no real workouts and I'm just getting my mileage up a little so my legs were tired all week.  I treated it more like a good hard effort, but not all out.  Happy that I finished strong. I need to absorb this workout and keep things going.

6 miles- recovery

Huffman and back and kept it easy.  Legs feel tired and my hips tight though.  Gotta make sure to warm-up for tomorrow's half.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both runs were easy recovery pace.  Ran on treadmill in the morning and then on chester creek in the afternoon.

12 miles

Ran my boston prep route.  Averaged about 6:38 pace.  My heart rate was a little high and I felt pretty tired in the legs too. Gonna take it easy the next couple days before the 1/2 on saturday.

10 miles (4 @ Tempo)

Went up to the Hanshew track today to run my tempo miles.

4 mile warm up w/ 4 striders
4 miles @ Tempo (5:33, 5:36, 5:36, 5:31)
2 mile cool down

Tempo went better then last week, but still didn't feel great.  Still getting things going.  Good workout though.

12 miles (6am/6pm)

A couple of easy recovery runs today.  Felt good and did some eccentric calf exercises and some light foam rolling too.

May 14th- May 20th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,451 miles

Mileage for the week 5/14- 5/20
81 miles

17 miles

Decided to start at Westchester and run the Trent/Waldron Half course.  It was nice to run something other then my usual routes.  Saw a few moose too.  Started at 7min pace and progressed down to 6 min. pace.  The last 6 miles were right around 6:02-6:10 pace.  Felt pretty good.

10 miles (8x100m striders)- recovery w/ speed.

Another great run today.  Kept it nice and easy and did some striders at the end.  I'm running at recovery pace, but it feels like I could run forever.

12 miles

Ran my Boston prep again.  Beautiful morning in Anchorage and I felt really good running.  I wish all mornings were like today.  These are the days when I realise I'm so lucky to be a runner!

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both easy recovery pace.  Wore my heart rate monitor in the afternoon to make sure I kept it easy.  Beautiful day!!! Last day of school!!!!

13 miles

Ran my boston prep route.  Felt much better today.  Started out at 7:05 pace and progressed down to sub 6 at the end.  Average 6:33 for entire run.  Feel like I'm kicking this bug I've had for a couple weeks.  Beautiful sunny day too. Last day of school tomorrow!

8 miles (4 @ Tempo)

I'm pretty run down.  Up late again last night again coughing.  It's been 15 days I've been sick, so I'm going in to see the doctor tomorrow.

3 miles warm-up w/ strides
4 @ Tempo (5:42, 5:39, 5:39, 5:36)
1 mile cool down

I kept the tempo easy, but I can tell I'm not feeling that hot.

10 miles (5am/5pm)- recovery

Both runs were super recovery pace.  Felt good, but still coughing a lot.

May 7th- May 13th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,370 miles

Mileage for the week 5/7- 5/13
67 miles

16 miles- long run

Ran my boston prep route and the elmore extention.  I started at 7:10 pace and progressed down to sub 6 the last couple miles.  I felt pretty good running, but still have this annoying cold.  Plus, its still cold here.  42 degrees when I started at 12:30pm.  One more week of school!

7 miles- recovery

Still congested, but was able to get over 10 hrs. of sleep last night.  Felt good running.

12 miles- medium distance

Ran my boston prep route again today.  Cold and windy today.  Pretty good head wind for the 1st 5 miles.  Still fighting this stupid cold.  Been coughing at night and really congested still.  It's been 10 days too!  I didn't feel very good during work today, but felt pretty good while running.  Gonna focus on getting some good sleep this weekend!!!

6 miles- recovery

Took an easy recovery pace run today.  Gonna start getting my mileage up again, so I need to make sure to run these easy.

12 miles-medium distance

Had a good run today. Ran my boston prep route and averaged around 6:38 pace.  Graduation for our senior class today, so we were able to get out of school early.  Nice to be able to fit this run in before graduation started at 2pm.

8 miles w/ 8x100m striders

Beautiful sunny day.  I felt pretty good, but a little congested still.  Threw in some striders at the end.  Good run today.

6+ miles

Finally got out to run after school today.  I felt really good.  I can tell the sickness I just had is just about gone.

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