February 22nd- February 28th

Mileage for the year 2010
663 miles

Mileage for the week 2/22- 2/28
80 miles

24 miles

Drove back from fairbanks today after a long weekend. My run went great though. I ran the first 12 on my hilly boston route and the last 12 on the treadmill. I progressively got faster and my last few miles were 5:52 pace. Felt great running though, but tired from the whole week.

8 miles

Ran at the AK club in Fairbanks.

12 miles (6 @ Tempo- 5:42, 5:39, 5:36, 5:33, 5:30, 5:30)

3 mile warm-up
6 @ tempo
2 mile cool down

Had to squeeze it in at the AK club in fairbanks. I felt strong, but feeling a little overwhelmed from the busy week.


Broke my 60 consecutive days of running streak. I didn't want too, but really had no choice. A late night from the city wrestling tournament the night before. Had to work 1/2 day and then drove to fairbanks to make weigh-ins at 6:30pm. Took the kids out to eat and had to get to bed to get everyone ready for touranment. In the big scheme of things, it doesn't hurt my training at all. Probably good to rest anyway. Workouts are more important than just runs anyways.

15 miles

Had a great run today. Ran my Boston loop again and added 3 on the treadmill to make 15 miles. I'm getting strong with the hills by running this loop as much as I can before Boston. My junior high wrestling team did an outstanding job today winning the City Championship in Anchorage!!!

10 miles- recovery pace (6am/4pm)

Ran at lunch again and then at 8:45pm because the city tournament day 1 finished at 8pm. Very tired. Gotta be tough this week.

10 miles- recovery pace (6am/4pm)

Tried out the new treadmill at school at lunch and it worked good. Wasn't able to get my 2nd run in until 7:30pm because of Jr. High seeding meeting.

February 15th- February 21st

Mileage for the Year 2010
583 miles

Mileage for the week 2/15- 2/21
76 miles

16 miles

Felt awesome today. I ran the hilly Boston route and then finished up with 4 on the treadmill. I was right around 6 min. pace at the end. I've got a big mileage week coming up and I'm going to be super busy. Time management will be huge.

8 miles (10 x 100m striders)

8 miles on the treadmill this morning before wrestling practice. Still yucky outside.

15 miles (11am/4pm)

Good run today in the am. I progressively got faster during the run and finished it around 6:24 pace. Ran on the mille because the temps are above 40 and it was a mess outside. Easy 4 recovery after wrestling. Feeling great during this cut back week.

10 miles- recovery (6am/4pm)

A couple of easy recovery runs on the treadmill. Wasn't planning on doing the 2nd run today, but the wrestling meet got finished early.

8 miles (5 X 800m @ 5K pace w/ 90sec. rest)

It was nice to go a little faster for a change. Felt really strong and comfortable for 5K pace. Ran at the dome.

3 mile warm-up
5 X 800m w/ 90sec. rest
2.5 mile cool down.

9 miles- General Aerobic

Had to get up at 5am to get my run in today. Busy after school. It's tough to get started, but I felt pretty good. Nice to have it done early.

10 miles- recovery pace (6am/4pm)

A couple of super easy slow paced runs today. Felt great in the pm run. These recovery runs are better than complete rest. I like it.

February 8th- February 14th

Mileage for the Year 2010
507 miles

Mileage for the week 2/8- 2/14
90 miles

18 miles (12 @ Marathon pace)

3 mile warm-up
12 miles at MP (First 7 @ 5:52, last 5 @ 5:49)
3 mile cool-down

Had a quality workout today and I'm excited at my fitness level right now. Felt good with the pace and would've picked it up a little the last few miles, but was fighting a little side ache. Felt good and under control.

9 miles (8 X 100m Striders)

Ran an easy 9 miles at recovery pace with some striders thrown in. Felt great. Anxious for tomorrow's workout. I want to see what kind of shape I'm in.

17 miles (13am/4pm)

Great run today. Ran my hilly Boston route and added a mile at the end. I ran Huffman hill hard and was running at a good clip the 2nd half of run. I'm feeling pretty strong. 4 easy recovery miles in the evening.

6 miles- recovery

Was able to just get one run in today at an easy pace. Had a wrestling meet in the evening.

10 miles- recovery (6am/4pm)

Another couple of easy recovery paced miles on the treadmill.

20 miles (15am/5pm)

First workout today went good. I did the first 8 miles outside and finished up on the treadmill. Progressively got faster and my last mile was at 6:35 pace. Did the last workout on the mille after practice. Kept it at an easy recover pace.

10 miles- recovery (6am/4pm)

Still sick, but managed a couple of super easy runs today.

February 1st- February 7th

Mileage for the Year 2010
417 miles

Mileage for the week 2/1- 2/7
84 miles

22 miles

Even though I'm sick, I still managed my long run. Started at the dome and headed out to the totem run. When I got back to the dome, I put on some shorts and did 5 more miles. (6:44, 6:20, 6:07, 5:56, 5:56). I could tell I was a little run down from this cold. Glad I did it though.

8 miles- recovery

Was at the Houston Jr. High wrestling tournament all day. I'm also very sick, but still managed to run an easy 8 on the mille.

12 miles (6 @ Tempo pace. 5:46, 5:44, 5:42, 5:39, 5:36, 5:36)

Solid workout today. It was done on the treadmill, so maybe an easier effort, but I felt really strong and comfortable the whole time. I'm definetly getting in better shape.

3 mile warm-up
6 miles @ tempo
3 mile cool down.

6 miles- recovery

Nice and easy on the treadmill. Wanted to double today, but wrestling meet got in the way.

11 miles- recovery (6am/5pm)

A couple of easy recovery runs today. First 6 was done on the treadmill. The last 5 was done after wrestling practice at the dome. Kept it nice and easy and forced myself to run slow when I felt good.

15 miles

Great run today. Ran the hilly Boston route and finished with 3 on the treadmill. Starting to get fit, I felt recovered pretty fast after run. A couple of easy days coming up and then a nice 6 mile tempo run planned for friday.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

A couple of easy recovery pace runs on the treadmill. Nice and easy. Felt effortless.

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