February 23rd- March 1st

Mileage for the Year 2015
437 miles

Mileage for the week 2/23- 3/1
80 miles

18 miles

Had a real good run this morning.  It was nice to show up and have a good group of people to run with.  Ryan Beckett, Anna Dalton, Corbyn Jahn, Dan Myers, and Jim McDonough all showed.  Ran the Totem run a couple time and then Anna and I added on a little loop to get 18 miles.  Body is still adjusting to the long run, but that's all part of the process.  Felt pretty good for the most part.

6 miles

Easy recovery after work today.  Felt good, but I never like waiting all day to run.

16 miles (11am/5pm)

I felt great this morning.  I didn't get a bunch of sleep, but it felt easy today.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 pace.  Starting to feel the groove a little.

Super easy recovery after work today.  Felt great.

8 miles

Felt really tired and worn down all day.  Just been busy with banquet and stuff.  Didn't run until 3:30p , but I felt great running.  Kept it an easy recovery pace.

13 miles

Woke up at 5am to get this done before work.  I have my Wrestling Banquet tonight, so really no time after school.  I felt really good today.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 pace.

8 miles (10 X 20 Sec. Strides)

General Aerobic pace with strides at the end.  I stayed up too late last night.  Hopefully to bed early tonight.  Felt pretty good running though.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both runs today were at recovery pace.  Nice to start getting doubles once in awhile, as long as I'm careful about recovery.  Felt good.  Both on treadmills, since it's still an ice rink outside.

February 16th- February 22nd

Mileage for the Year 2015
357 miles

Mileage for the week 2/16- 2/22
71 miles

16 mies

I was thinking that the roads would be good on the Totem route, but I was wrong.  Super icy in stretches and almost had to walk or shuffle feet.  There were some longer stretches where I could open it up a bit.  It was nice to just be outside though.

7 miles

Worked at Skinny mini today until 5, so I just decided to swing off at the AK club and run an easy 7 miles at recovery pace.  Felt good.

10 miles

Ran the Totem run from the post office.  Felt good and was very nice to get outside.  Kept it easy from 7:10 pace to 6:30 pace.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Nice and easy this morning.  Felt good to run at recovery pace to music.  After work I decided to run another easy 4 and stretch in the sauna.

13 miles

Parent Teacher Conferences until 7pm today, so I decide to get up at 4:30am and get this done before school.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 pace.  Felt pretty goood and nice to have done early.

8+ miles ( 8 x 20 sec. strides)

General Aerobic pace and I felt pretty good this morning.  Going to be a long day though with my first day back at Skinny Raven after work.

7 miles

Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:30 pace at the Ak Club.  Looking forward to some training!

February 9th- February 15th

Mileage for the Year 2015
286 miles

Mileage for the week 2/9- 2/15
62 miles

6 miles

Kept it easy at the AK club today. After yesterday's run I knew I needed to recover, but I was suprised my body (legs) didn't feel all beat up today.

16 miles

Ran with Jerry Ross, Jim McDonugh, and Jeff Young this morning.  I was planning on just 10-12, but felt like helping Jeff with his workout so he didn't have to do it solo.  First hour was easy (7:00-7:10 pace) then we did 15 min of 6:40 pace, then 20 min. of 6:30 pace and that's when I had enough and backed off and kind of death marched the last mile.  Longest run since my marathon in October.  Ran a little harder then I was prepared for (no gu or water),  but I need to start somewhere.

7 miles

I ate way too much at Bears Tooth last night and kind of felt heavy running.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:15 pace before school.  Looking forward to a 3 day weekend and some runs outside.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both runs were at an easy recovery pace.  Felt pretty good.  I just want to keep things easy for another week before I officially start training.

8+ miles (1 hr. 13min)

Awesome trail run out in Kincaid. Felt good to get outside and fun to run single track again.  Good effort.

7 miles

Felt good after school at the AK club.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:15 pace.

7 miles

Easy pace at the AK club in the evening.  Felt ok but HOT and tired.

February 2nd - February 8th

Mileage for the Year 2015
224 miles

Mileage for the week 2/2- 2/8
24 miles

Off- Exhausted from the weekend.

Off- State Wrestling Championships.  Team wrestled great. Took 2nd to Colony, but put 7 in finals and came away with 2 champs.  Great Season.

5 miles

Woke up early before leaving for State tournament.  Felt good getting something done to help calm the nerves.

7 miles

Felt pretty good running this morning, so I went with a faster pace.  Started at 7:30 and progressed down to 5:52 pace.  Last day of wrestling practice today!  Then an exciting weekend of State Championship wrestling.

6 miles

Kept it easy again.  Just running through this sickness and stress of state coming up this weekend.  Felt okay.  7:30 pace to 6:40 pace.

6 miles

Got  up early and ran super easy before work.  Felt ok.  I'm not going to get much running this week, due to the State Wrestling Tournament this weekend.  Gotta keep pushing.....

Off- sick

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