August 27th- September 2nd

Mileage for the Year 2012
2,772 miles

Mileage for the week 8/27- 9/2
72 miles (taper week #1)

17 miles

Ran my Boston prep route with elmore extention.  I'm really fit right now.  Started at 7:30 pace but soon dropped it down.  Averaged 6:30 pace for entire run and it was easy!  I'm very happy where I'm at right now with just 2 weeks until the Equinox Marathon.

10 miles (5 @ Tempo)

Had a great workout today.  I know I'm in the best shape of my life because it felt so manageable (almost easy).

3 mile warm-up w/ striders
5 miles @ Tempo (5:35, 5:29, 5:27, 5:28, 5:22)
2 mile cool down

6 miles

Ran after work today. Went to Huffman and back.  Felt okay, but legs a little tired.  I think they were a little tired from just demonstrating leg exercises (squats, lunges, etc.) in my Wt. Training classes.

7 miles (6 x 100m striders)

A very easy recovery pace run today with some striders.  Blister on my left heal that bothered me. I'll take care of it tonight.

14 miles

Ran my hilly Boston prep route with some on Elmore extention.  Started easy and progressively picked it up.  Averaged 6:19 pace for the whole run. Started at 7:20 pace and brought it down to 5:22 pace my last mile.  I felt like I could run hard forever today.  Beautiful outside too.

10 miles (8 x 100m striders)

Ran to Dearmoun and back at an easy recovery pace w/ some striders thrown in at the end.  Felt pretty good and it was another sunny day out.

8 miles

Easy recovery pace to Dearmoun and back.  My legs were really tired today.  I felt better though as the run progressed.

August 20th- August 26th

Mileage for the Year 2012

Mileage for the week 8/20- 8/26
104 miles

23 miles

I had a change in plans on my run today, since it was a long night last night.  I was able to tough it out and get  it done though. I ran my Boston Prep route with Elmore extention and added another 3 miles.  I felt strong, but tired since I didn't get hardly any sleep last night.  Nice to get a good solid week in before my taper.

13 miles (7am/6pm)

Both runs were on my Dearmoun and back route and both at easy recovery pace to get ready for tomorrow's 22 mile arctic valley training run.  Felt good running and it was sunny and nice out.

9 miles (8 x 100m striders)

Just an easy 9 miles at recovery pace with some striders thrown in.  Was able to fit this run in right after work before picking taelynn up from school.  I'm glad the weekend is here!!!

20 miles (5am/15pm)

Nice and easy recovery pace in the morning. Felt great.

In the evening I ran my Boston Prep route with elmore extention to get my 15 miles.  My legs felt a little tired the first 4-5 miles, but I soon started to feel better.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:12 pace. Averaged 6:40 pace for the entire run.

13 miles (6 x 1200m @ 5K pace w/ 2 min. rest)

First day of school with students today.  It went really smooth!  Looks like I have some good classes this year.  I decided to do this workout on my Boston prep route.  It's been nice to get off the track and run some of these intervals with hills in them.  I believe it will prep me for my race better anyway.  The majority of these intervals today ended being mostly uphill.  The Huffman hill one really got my heart rate up.

Beautiful day today though!!!

13 miles (7am/6pm)

Ran early at 6:30am at school.  Kept it easy and I felt great.  Another super easy recovery run in the afternoon.

13 miles (7pm/6pm)

Busy with In-service today, so I didn't get my first run done until 4:30pm.  Was able to eat a little and then run my 2nd run at 8:30pm.  Both runs were at super easy pace.  I was suprised at how good my legs felt today!

August 13th- August 19th

Mileage for the Year 2012
2,596 miles

Mileage for the week 8/13- 8/19
83 miles

17 miles (1:13:04 half-marathon @ Skinny Raven "Big Wild Life")

It was really nice to set a PR today in my 1/2.  I knew that the mileage I've been running this summer is paying off.  I feel pretty strong right now and it is motivating going into the last 4 weeks before the Equinox Marathon on Sept. 15th.

Here it is:

3 mile warm-up
13.1 mile race- 1:13:04 (5:33 pace)
1 mile cool down

I wanted to cool down for a few miles and get my 20 but I developed a pretty good blister on my right heel that started after the downhill running at Arctic Valley last Sunday.  Gonna make sure to take care of it, so it doesn't ruin my training for Equinox.

Mile 1: 5:22
Mile 2: 5:20
Mile 3: 5:24
Mile 4: 5:29
Mile 5: 5:42
Mile 6: 5:35
Mile 7: 5:56
Mile 8: 5:34
Mile 9: 5:31
Mile 10: 5:47
Mile 11: 5:19
Mile 12: 5:58
Mile 13 and .1: 5:55

Overall: 1:13:04 New Personal Record!!!!

6 miles- recovery

Took it very easy today before the 1/2 marathon race tomorrow.  I felt really good and should feel even better tomorrow.  I'm hoping for a big PR and I really should, but I've had a lot going on lately that has had some effect on me mentally and physically.  Gonna give it my best shot though.

7 miles (6 x 100m striders)

Kept it real easy recovery pace with some striders.  Tired in the beginning but felt better as the run went on.  Another easy day tomorrow before the 1/2 marathon on Sunday!

13 miles

First day back at work and I also had a million things pop up that would prevent me from getting my run done.  I ended up not being able to run until 7:15pm at night. I ran my Boston prep route and added a little extra.  I felt pretty good, but a little tired from not eating for so long before run.  I averaged 6:32 pace for the entire run.

15 miles (11am- 6 x 800m @ 5K pace/ 4pm)

Did a VO2max workout this morning that consisted of some 800's @ 5K pace w/ 90 sec rest.

3 mile warm-up w/ striders
6 x 800m @ 5K pace w/ 90 sec rest
5 mile cool down

Did my 800's with my garmin and ran them on a hilly section of road between Huffman and Dearmoun.

Super easy 4 miler in the evening.

13 miles (7am/6pm)

Same Same.  Lol.  Kept it super easy on both runs.

12 miles (7am/5pm)

A couple of easy recovery paced runs. Beautiful night out and ran with my wife in the pm.

August 6th- August 12th

Mileage for the Year 2012
2,513 miles

Mileage for the week 8/6- 8/12
107 miles

20 miles (Arctic Valley- 47:24)

Decided I needed a little Equinox training so I did my long run at Arctic Valley.  Warmed up for 6 miles on the Mayors course and then hit my stop watch and headed up arctic valley.  I was thrilled that I actually felt pretty good.  On any flatter sections I was able to push the pace a little because I felt recovered. I must be a lot fitter than I've ever been while running Arctic Valley because I also ran it faster than I ever have.  Ran at a pretty good clip on the way down too to pound the quads a little. I was definitely tired at the end though.  Another solid week!  107 miles.

Gonna have a small cut back week coming up if I decide to run the Skinny Raven 1/2.  Not sure though.  $70 to race it is ridiculous.  It seems like these race prices are getting a little extreme.

8 miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back.  Kept it super easy to prepare for tomorrow's long run.  Felt really good.

17 miles (12am/5pm)

Ran my Boston Prep route today.  The weather was overcast, but perfect conditions.  I started out easy at 7:30 pace, but the last 6 miles were under 6 min. pace.  My last mile I kicked it down to 5:22.  It was amazing how I felt.  5:40 felt so effortless today.  There was times I had to remind myself to try and slow down because I have a big workout on Sunday.  Great Feeling!  I have to say I've never been as strong of a runner as I am right now.

Real easy recovery pace in the afternoon. Felt good.

12 miles (7am/5pm)

Beautiful and sunny morning today.  Ran to Dearmoun and back.  Kept it at recovery pace.
In the afternoon I ran with my wife.  Nice and easy but enjoyable in the sun!!!

20 miles (15am/5pm)

Got up early again to finish my run before I had to register my kids for school.  Woke up at 6:20, but didn't get out the door until 7:10am.  It sure is getting colder in the mornings. You can feel fall is just about here.  My legs were really tired this morning and felt heavy.  It's all part of marathon training.  Gonna keep it really easy tomorrow to recover.  I do like having my main run done earlier in the day.

Super easy 5 miler in the afternoon.  Felt good.

17 miles (11am w/ 6 x 1000m @5K pace)/6pm)

Woke up early (6:15am) so I could get my workout done before bringing the kids to their Eye checkups. Started off really slow (almost 8 minutes to run the 1st mile), but by mile 3 I was ready to start my workout.  I was going to do this on the track, but as I was running I decided to just use my GPS and run on the roads. I picked a mile section to go back and forth on that had some hills.  Here it is:

3 mile warm-up with some striders
6 x 1000m @ 5K pace (times varied due to the terrain) w/ 2 min rest
4+ mile cool down

I was pretty happy on how I recovered pretty quick between the reps.  Nice to get it done early in the morning too.

Easy 6 mile recovery in the afternoon.  Felt good.

13 miles (7am/6pm)

Both runs were at an easy recovery pace.  In the morning my legs felt prett tired for the 1st couple miles and then started to feel great.  Afternoon run was to Huffman and back and felt good too.  Gonna try and get another 100 mile week.

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