August 23rd- August 29th

Mileage for the Year 2010
2215 miles

Mileage for the week 8/23- 8/29
0 miles

Well, I had to shut down my running season for 2010. I just had surgery on my right ankle this tuesday. They did a scope and cleaned up the ankle joint. I had a loose body that was causing irritation in the ankle. They also got rid of some bone spurs I was developing. I really hope that this surgery was worth it. I have a feeling that I really needed to get it done.

Now it is all about recovering. I've been told 2 weeks on non-weight bearing. I'll make sure to do that. Than I will go from there. Not sure how fast I will be able to come back. I know that I don't want to push it to early and end up getting injured right away or not healing correctly. I'll probably start off with some pool running for awhile.

I still have big goals for 2011. I want to run fast in Boston and Chicago. If I play my cards right, there is no reason why I can't acheive these goals!






Off- Surgery "Ankle Scope"


August 16th- August 22nd

Mileage for the Year 2010
2215 miles

Mileage for the week 8/16- 8/22
0 miles



40 minutes on an elliptical



40 minutes on an elliptical. Since I wasn't pushing off ankle it felt fine.



1st day off in 45 days. My right ankle really hurts today. I've decided to take Dr. advice and get surgery. Should be minor with no weight bearing for 2 weeks than gradually get back to slow running. Which means no Equinox this year. I'm bummed, but need to get rid of this pain, so I can get ready for Boston and run fast!

August 9th- August 15th

Mileage for the Year 2010
2215 miles

Mileage for the week 8/9- 8/15
76 miles

18 miles "Skinny Raven 1/2 Marathon Winner 1:15:00"

2+ mile easy warm up
13.1 mile race
3 mile cool down

Was a little worried if my right ankle would hold up, but it was fine. Didn't feel the greatest, but toughed it out. Great running conditions today and a great event.

Mile splits:
Mile 1: 5:57
Mile 2: 5:21 (downhill)
Mile 3: 5:33
Mile 4: 5:39
Mile 5: 5:39
Mile 6: 5:50
Mile 7: 5:47
Mile 8: 5:52
Mile 9: 5:40
Mile 10: 5:35
Mile 11: 5:49
Mile 12: 5:40
Mile 13.1: 6:28 (uphill +.1)
Overall: 1:15:00

6+ miles (6 x 100m striders)

Ran with Luke Duffy today at westchester lagoon and ran some of the course for tomorrow. I have some good pain in my right ankle. Got an MRI and Dr. thinks I should have surgery to get rid of a loose body I have above my Talar Dome. Probably shouldn't race tomorrow, but it may be my last race for the season. Pretty bummed right now.

9 miles

General aerobic pace from south before work today. Felt pretty good.

6 miles- recovery

Back to work today. Nice and easy on treadmill at school. Busy day. Ankle still tight and sore.

15 miles

I ran my boston prep route. Progressively got faster towards the end. My average pace ended up being 6:25 pace, but was probably running 6 min. pace the last 4-5 miles. Even ran a 6:49 mile up huffman. Good effort today.

10.5 miles (10x100m striders)

Ran the south loop today and did some striders on the Hanshew track on the way home. Legs felt kind of dead the first 1/2 of the run. Felt better towards the end.

11 miles (5am/6pm)

Recovery runs today. Kept it easy to recover from long run yesterday. Felt really good in my evening run tonight.

August 2nd- August 8th

Mileage for the Year 2010
2139 miles

Mileage for the week 8/2- 8/8
80 miles

20 miles w/ Arctic Valley

Solid run today. Ran with J Ross, Matias Saari, Renau, and Monica for the first 3 miles and then Matias and I turned around and started heading back to the base of Arctic Valley. I was a little nervous with my right ankle, but it held up great. Good effort to the top. I didn't push it too hard, but it's still a tough climb. Took a Gu and headed back down and added on some at the end. Sun was finally out today!

8 miles

Easy recovery run. Legs feel a little dead right now. Could be from the 800's a couple days ago. Can still feel tightness and mild pain in right ankle/achilles area. Hopefully run goes good tomorrow.

10 miles

General aerobic pace. Started easy because of tight achilles, but I felt pretty good.

10 miles (6 X 800m @ 5k pace with less than 2 min. rest)

3 mile warm-up
6 X 800 (2:33, 2:32, 2:32, 2:34, 2:34, 2:32)
4 mile cool down

Right achilles is hurting. Not sure if all this mileage was the best. Need to heal up.

15 miles

Good run today. My right ankle was really bothering me the last 2 days. I believe I stretched something when I rolled it a little on sunday on the Lost Lake trail. It was pretty sore when I started, but after a mile or two it loosened up and felt great! Ran my Boston prep route and added 3 miles at the end. Averaged about 6:35 pace per mile. Ran the whole thing in pouring rain :(

6 miles

Just an easy recovery day to get ready for intervals tomorrow. I'm suppose to double, but my right ankle is tight. I believe I rolled it a little on sunday on a rock. Need to rest and ice it a little.

11+ miles (6am/5+pm)

Easy running today to recover from last week. Legs are tired. Get to start some intervals this week at 5K pace.

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