November 24th- November 30th

Mileage for the Year 2014
3,619 miles

Mileage for the week 11/24- 11/30
60 miles

7 miles

Ran to  Dearmoun and took a short cut home because I was getting tired of running on the unplowed streets and sidewalks plus I had to get Taelynn to dance. Still nice to run outside though.  Had a good 4 days straight outiside.  Back to the treadmill tomorrow.

13 miles

Snowing pretty good while I was running.  It felt great to be outside in it! Ran my Boston prep route and the footing wasn't all that bad.  Decided to run a little longer today, since I didn't have any plans today which is awesome!!!!!

8 miles

Was able to get outside and have another good run. Didn't have a whole lot of time so I ran to Dearmoun and back. Felt really good at the end and wish I could've ran a few more miles.

10 miles

I was able to sleep in a little this morning and I needed it.  Had some breakfast and coffee and lounge a little before I ran.  Ran my south loop and it felt great to get outside!!!! Felt good, but kept it pretty easy.

7 miles

I'm definetly tired from the lack of sleep and a little stress.  Still nice to get moving in the morning.  Looking forward to the next 4 days!!!!

8 miles

Felt great this morning right away.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:39 pace.  I would've run a lot longer if it wasn't for school:)

7 miles

Real good wake up run this morning.  So stoked it's a short week of work!!!!! Gonna try and run outside everyday during Thanksgiving break.

November 17th- November 23rd

Mileage for the Year 2014
3,559 miles

Mileage for the week 11/17- 11/23
40 miles

10 miles

Nice to get outside after spending 2 full days in the gymnasium coaching wrestling.  I felt pretty good, but I can tell I'm tired and ate crappy and didn't sleep much this weekend.  It's ok though.  Nothing on the radar for now.

Off- Palmer Invitational All Day

Off- Palmer Invitational All Day

7 miles

Felt good again this morning. Music makes all the difference.  Probably won't be running the next 2 days because of the Palmer Invitational coming up. It'll be a full busy 2 days.

7 miles

Another good run before work.  Started at 7:30 pace and progress down to 6:30pace.  Just keeping it easy for awhile, so I don't have to reset from the bottom when I do start training again.

8 miles

Surprisingly I felt pretty good this morning after a couple of miles, so I decided to pick it up the last 3 miles and ran sub 6 pace (5:56, 5:52, 5:46) Felt good to run fast for a change.

7 miles

Another good run before work.  Felt good after the first mile.

November 10th- November 16th

Mileage for the Year 2014 
3,519 miles

Mileage for the week 11/10- 11/16
47 miles

10 miles

Had a great run this afternoon.  Ran my south loop and it was nice to get outside in the nice cool weather.  Can't believe it's November 16th and there isn't any snow yet.

Off- 1st wrestling tournament of the season.

7 miles

Same Same:)

8 miles

I was tired when I woke up, but suprised how good I felt running this morning.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:35 pace.  Last 2 miles were sub 5:45.  Felt really good.

7 miles

Pretty sore from Wrestling again last night and tired from not enough sleep.  Still had a good run this morning though and I'm so glad I get to start my day off with some exercise.

8 miles

A little tired when I started this morning, but felt really good toward the end so I picked it up a little.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:46 pace.

7 miles

Another good run before work today.  Going to be a busy week with our first tournament this weekend.  Glad I get to do these runs before work.

November 3rd- November 9th

Mileage for the Year 2014
3,472 miles

Mileage for the week 11/3- 11/9
60 miles

9 miles

Took it easy today and ran to Dearmoun and back with some extra. It felt good to be outside and there was a nice warm wind blowing.  I think temps were close to 40 above.  Busy week coming up with our first tournament next weekend.

15 miles

Ran turnagain arm trail, but the conditions weren't all that good. Pretty slow and icy the entire way to Rainbow from potter.  Decided to jump on the highway on the way back. Progressed down from 6:45 pace to 5:50 pace the last 7 miles.  First double digit run since Marathon.

7 miles

Same Same! Felt pretty good this morning, just a little tired because it's Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend to be able to get outside!!!

7 miles

I was suprised how good I felt this morning.  Started at 7:30 pace as always, but progressed down to 5:45 pace toward the end.  Wrestled again at practice.

7 miles

Real sore this morning from wrestling yesterday.  It was a good idea to run this morning to loosen myself up a little.  Felt pretty good after a couple of miles.

8 miles

Another good run before work today.  Seeing my wrestlers coming in to do extra work in the morning is motivating!!!!

7 miles

I got a pretty good nights sleep and felt pretty good this morning.  Took a mile to get the legs feeling ok though.  I just passed my all time Yearly mileage record that I set 2 years ago and it's only November 3rd.

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