May 25th- May 31st

Mileage for the Year 2009
1434 miles

Mileage for the week 5/25- 5/31
62 miles

16 miles

I ran around Farmers Loop in Fairbanks from my Dad's house. Felt really good and ran pretty fast but kept it under control. I was definitely tired toward the end and wanted to finish, but had to run back to dads. My longest run since boston.

8.5 miles (25 min. @ tempo)

I was going to do my workout on the West Valley track but it was being used for a Cancer/Walk fundraiser. So I decided to just go off of feel and run for 25 min. at tempo. Some of it was on the Midnight Sun 10K course.

7.5 miles

I ran in Fairbanks today around my dad's house. Nice and easy. Felt a lot better today since the race on tuesday.

8 miles (recovery)

I took another easy day because legs are still tired and my feet are bothering me. They feel okay when I'm running, but really ache when I wake up or stay off them for awhile.

5+ miles (recovery)

Took it real slow today to help recover from yesterday's race. I am having some serious feet issues. I'm not sure what it is, but they ache really good. I'm sure running hard downhill towards the finish yesterday didn't help matters. I don't know if it's plantar faciatis or Morton Neuroma or what? I'm gonna be disspointed if it doesn't get better and I have to take an extended time off from running.

10 miles (Turnagain Arm Trail Race- 5th place 59:16)

It was above 70 degrees out and beautiful today. I ran the tough turnagain arm trail race and was humbled by it. I thought I could do better, but I do need to work on trail and hill climbs to be successful in races like that. I did give a good effort and didn't quit so I can be happy about that. I did a nice 2 mile warm-up to get ready.

7+ miles

I cannot believe the weather we are having. About 70 degrees and sunny in Anchorage. Ran to Dearmoun and back nice and easy but averaged 6:39 pace. I cannot go slower when I have good music, good weather, and feel good. Hopefully I'm still getting recovery out of it. I'm racing Turnagain arm trail run tomorrow. An 8 mile trail race that has lots of climbs, roots, and rocks. Should be fun and hard.

May 18th- May 24th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1372 miles

Mileage for the week 5/18-5/24
50 miles


Took a rest day today. Went out to a friends cabin and couldn't really run around thier so decided to reap the benefits of a day off to get ready for next week.

13 miles

I felt really good today. I ran the Boston Marathon loop and added another mile to get an even 13 miles. I felt pretty smooth and averaged 6:28 pace for the entire run. I went up Huffman at a good clip, but still didn't go all out and ran it in 6:58. My shape is pretty good right now.

7+ miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back today. Kept it easy. Felt pretty good and I have a little break now until wrestling camps begin and summer school.

6 miles

Kept it real easy today, but my legs were really tired because of the 2 previous days. I'm not use to doing those types of workouts for awhile. I managed to slow today's run to 7 min. pace, but I'd like to go slower still. That's what I liked about the treadmill this winter. I could go 7:30 pace and not accidentally go faster. I think I recovered faster that way.

8 miles (4.6 miles @ tempo (5:40ish)).

I did a nice 2.6 mile warm up to Huffman and then started my tempo to Dearmoun and back home. I felt pretty good. Just trying to stay relaxed and not run to fast. Not sure if I like the back to back workouts like it has in the Jack Daniels book. I think if I had a race on a saturday it would be good since it would give me 2 easy days before the race. If I don't I think I will stick to tuesday and thursday's for workouts. And yes, another beautiful sunny day while I was running. Didn't get much of a cool down (6 min.) since I had to pick the kids up from school.

11 miles (6x 1000m @ 5K pace)

3 mile warm-up
6 x 1000m @ 5K pace w/ 3 min. active recovery (each interval was at 3:13)
4 miles

Today was my first speed workout since the week before Boston. I got a nice warm-up and felt good on my intervals. Lots of rest in between sets, but didn't want to start to hard. I could feel that I worked hard though during my 4 mile easy run afterwards. And again, another beautiful sunny day in Anchorage. Loving the weather.

5+ miles

Ran to Huffman and back right after school. Beautiful out again and tried to keep it easy. 6:38 pace.

May 11th- 17th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1322 miles

Mileage for the week 5/11- 5/17
55 miles

11 miles

Ran nice and easy with Jerry and his Skinny Raven Marathon training group. Andy Liebner ran with us today after his solid 2nd place finish at the Curtis Menard 5K which he ran in 15:48. We took off from Kincaid (raspberry parking lot) and stayed on the trails. I love running trails and their were some really good hills and some single track. Single track is fun too. Of course we ran into a lot of moose and had to detour from our course. Another beautiful day in Anchorage. Sunny!!!

6+ miles (Arctic Valley)

Ran with Jerry and Charlie Renfro and it was a beautiful morning. This is one of the hardest runs though. About 6 miles and all up hill. I ran it in 47:44 which is better than my 49 min. last year, but I wasn't feeling all that great. I have a cold and just felt run down before I even started. Hope to do it again in a couple weeks. This run does do wonders for your strength though, so I'm glad I did it.

8 miles

I ran to Dearmoun and back with a little extra to make an even 8 miles. Kept it easy because of tomorrow's workout up Arctic Valley. I feel kind of run down and have a minor cold. Need to rest more. Lots going on at school.

6 miles (recovery)

Kept it nice and easy to Huffman and back with a little extra to make it six. Another beautiful day in Anchorage.

8 miles (3.6 miles @ tempo)

Another beautiful day and I warmed up to Dearmoun road (3.6 miles) when I got their I switched songs on the ipod and took off back home at tempo pace. It has different terrain (up and down hills) but my average pace back was 5:41 pace. I tried my best to keep it consistent. Maybe a little fast for right now since I'm just coming off Boston. Oh well, it is fun to run faster at a controlled speed. I love tempo runs when I'm feeling good. Then I ran a .8 mile cool down to give me a total of 8 miles.

5+ miles- recovery (too fast for recover though)

Ran to Huffman and back. About 6:48 pace. Tried to keep it easy, but legs felt a little fatigue after yesterdays run.

11+ miles

Ran turnagain arm trail run with Jerry Ross, Luke Duffy, Eric Strabel, and Matt Novakavich. Beautiful night. Strabel and I also ran about 3/4 of the Mchugh to Rainbow trail (right before the last climb) and then ran back to Potter at a pretty good effort. I started to feel tired in the legs toward the end. I really needed this run though. Hope to get one more good workout on it before the race 5/26.

May 4th- May 10th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1267 miles

Mileage for the week 5/4- 5/10
47 miles

11+ miles

Ran with Jerry this morning. Took off from westchester lagoon and ran to russian jack and back. I added another 20 min. at the end. Beautiful morning. I'm so glad summer is almost here.

7+ miles

Ran to Dearmound and back again. General Aerobic. 6:41 pace.

7+ miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back. General Aerobic.

6 miles

Ran to Huffman and back with a little extra. Felt really good.

7+ miles

Ran to Dearmoun and back. Felt really really good today. Legs feel strong, but feet still feel sore. I need new shoes now!

5 miles

Another easy day to recover. Luke Duffy and I met at Turnagain arm trail head and we ran easy to the lookout and back. Didn't see any bears, but was constantly thinking about them. Not cool. I'm thinking about racing the 8 mile race from Potter to Rainbow on the 26th of May. It'd be fun and something different than the roads. Going to try and get through this week with no hard running. I want and feel like I can run fast right now, but I think if I hold off until the end of this week it will make my summer racing a lot better. Have to play it safe after a marathon.

4 miles

Nice and super easy today on the mille. I wanted to concentrate and make sure I ran slow and easy. I've been running too fast on my recovery days since boston.

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