July 27th- August 2nd

Mileage for the Year 2015
2,302 miles

Mileage for the week 7/27- 8/2
76 miles

16 miles

Ran around Lake Bemidji.  This is actually one of my favorite runs.  A lot of it has to do with my childhood memories of the town of Bemidji.  Plus, it's a good route alongside the lake.  I didn't have a very good run though.  It was warm and humid and the last few miles were kind of a death march.  I was done by mile 16.  I haven't felt so dead like that in a long time.

6 miles

We finally made it to Bemidji!!!!!! Drove from Saskatoon to Bemidji. 725 miles.  Was able to run around Lake Irving out to my uncle Jims house after the long drive.  Felt pretty good.  I'm glad we are finally done driving for awhile.  I'm happy I was able to get out for just a little bit each day and run, but my diet wasn't very good.

8 miles

Drove from Ft. St. John to Saskatoon. 735 miles.  We stopped for an hour and I was able to run in Llyod Minister for 8 miles.  Found a straight stretch of road that led to a nice dirt country road.  I did some 45 sec. pick ups the last couple of miles.

7 miles

We drove from Whitehorse to Ft. St. John which was a long day.  850  miles!  I was able to stop in Ft. Nelson and run for about 50 minutes.  It sure makes a difference to get the legs moving.

5 miles

Started my trip to Minnesota with my son.  Bringing him down to college with his car. We left at 6am and made it to whitehorse, Canada. 705 miles.  We found a nice campsite at the edge of town.  I was able to get out and run for 45 minutes and it felt great to move.

17 miles (11am w/ 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 Tempo w/ > 2 min rest and 6pm)

Ran from Studio 49 after I dropped Tae off this morning.  Had a pretty good tempo workout on campbell creek trail.  Felt pretty good, but maybe a little too fast for tempo.

3.5 mile warm-up w/ strides
2X2X1X1 temp w/> 2 min rest (5:25 avg.)
2 mile cool down

Easy recovery to Huffman and back in the evening.  Felt really good.  Now for a big road trip to Minnesota with my son. Gonna do my best to get out of the car and run a little each day.  I should get to Minnesota on Sunday afternoon.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

Ran my South Loop before work this morning.  I was really tired when I woke up and I felt tired in the beginning of my run too.  I did warm up and start feeling better though.

Felt much better running after work.  Ran to Huffman and back at recovery pace.

July 20th- July 26th

Mileage for the Year 2015
2,226 miles

Mileage for the week 7/20- 7/26
108 miles

6.5 miles

Easy recovery pace at the AK Club before work.  Legs a little beat up from yesterday. Nice to get moving a little.

17.5 miles (Lost Lake w/ extra)

Had a great day.  I woke up and had some coffee while watching some Junior National Freestyle matches.  It was sunny out, so I went for it and drove to Seward to run Lost Lake.  I ran at a pretty good clip the whole way through.  1:52:59 to the parking lot.  Then I ran a slow 3.2 mile cool down while I waited for my ride back to the car.  Even though I ran solo, it was fun!

18 miles (10am/8pm)

Ran from Studio 49 in the morning and I felt really good.  Kept it easy again, since I'm running Lost Lake at a good clip tomorrow.

Ran with a friend to Rabbit Lake in the evening.  It was more of a hike and jog run, but it was beautiful out and we took a dip in the lake too.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

South loop in the morning during a light rain. Legs tired, but I felt pretty good.  Easy Recovery pace.

Ran from Skinny Raven downtown after work. Just an easy recovery pace run on the coastal trail.

17 miles (11am w/ 4 miles @ Tempo, 1:30 rest 1 mile @ tempo and 6pm)

I ran from Studio 49 this morning and had a real good tempo workout on Chester creek. I've only done 1 workout since Mayors and it's time to start running a little faster again.  Workout went good and I felt pretty strong.  I was going to only do 4 miles, but I recovered pretty fast and decided to do 1 more mile at tempo.

Here it is:
3.4 mile warm-up w/ strides
4 miles @ Tempo (5:29, 5:35, 5:27, 5:25), 1:30 rest, 1 mile @ Tempo (5:22)
2.6 mile cool down

Ran an easy recovery 6 miler from Studio 49 again on Chester creek.  Felt really good.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

An easy recovery pace on my South loop this morning.  Legs tired, but felt ok. These easy 10 milers have been a nice way to start the day recently.

Easy recovery pace from Skinny Raven Downtown.  Felt tired after work and I just wanted to get it done.  Plus, I don't like waiting till 9pm to eat dinner:(

17 miles (10am/7pm)

Beautiful and sunny morning and I ran my South loop very easy.  Really sore this morning when I woke up, but warmed up a little while eating breakfast.  Felt pretty good running.

Ran to Huffman and back in the evening.  Sun was still out and it was warm!!! I felt really good though, but kept it easy recovery pace.

July 13th- July 19th

Mileage for the Year 2015
2,118 miles

Mileage for the week 7/13- 7/19
106 miles

16 miles

I woke up at 5am, so I could get downtown and start working for the Her Tern Half Marathon.  Corbyn and I were in charge of setting up and taking down all the aide stations.  It ended up being a 9hr. day with clean-up, but it was a lot of fun and nice to see that all the women were enjoying the race.

I was able to start my run around 3:15p and I decided to take off from Westchester and go to Totem and back with some extra to get 16.  I was a little tired from being up early and moving some heavy stuff (water, etc.) around.  I felt pretty comfortable running and went from 7:30 pace to 5:40 pace.  Warm and sunny out too.  Lots of people out enjoying the sun on the Coastal Trail.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

I was going to do my long run today with some tempo, but my legs were dead.  I thought they would warm up after a couple miles, but I had nothing in them so I just decided to keep the pace easy and try again tomorrow.  Ran my South loop.

Felt much better in the evening.  Ran to Huffman and back.

17 miles (11am/6pm)

Ran from Studio 49 this morning and I felt really good.  I kept it recovery even though I felt like picking it up.  I threw in 10 x 20 sec striders, but came up on some moose twice during the strides and had to detour my route, so I ended up running 11 instead of 10.

An easy 6 miles to Huffman and back in the evening.  Gonna do my long run tomorrow before work, since I work at 5:30am on Sunday and I don't want to run long in the evening Sunday.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

Started off really slow in the morning before work.  Kept it recovery pace, but I was tired.  Ran my South loop.  After work I took off from Skinny Raven and ran on the coastal trail at an easy recovery pace too.  Felt tired!

19 miles (13am/6pm)

Ran my Boston prep route.  I started off easy, but went General Aerobic by mile 3.  I felt pretty good running and had some bounce to my stride.  Nice and sunny out too.

Ran to Huffman and back in the evening.  Kept it really easy and I was tired but warmed up after a couple of easy miles.

16 miles (10am/6pm)

Ran my South loop before work this morning and my legs were tired and heavy!!!! Kept it super easy and slow.  After work at 7:30 (9 hr. day) I ran another easy recovery pace to Huffman and back.  Legs were tired again, but warmed up the last few miles and I felt way better.

6 miles

Super tired today.  I fished again dip-netting on the Kenai and we caught 41 fish.  I was on my feet all day and I ate like crap.  Just ran along the side of a busy Sterling HWY before I drove for 2 1/2 hrs. home.

July 6th- July 12th

Mileage for the Year 2015
2012 miles

Mileage for the week 7/6- 7/12
100 miles

10 miles

Went dip-netting today and it was a blast.  Decided to stay another day and go again tomorrow.  Ended up running an easy 10 miles on a dirt trail right next to the Sterling HWY.

17 miles

My 10 mile run turned into 17:)  I decided during the run to head to my buddy's house in Kenai to go fishing for the weekend and might as well get my long run done today.  I kept it really easy the first half and pretty much the whole run, but did pick it up a little at the end and ran a sub 6 mile.  Felt good and it was sunny and warm out!  Ran my Boston prep route w/ Elmore Extention.

15.5 miles (10am/5.5pm)

Both runs were easy.  I ran my south loop in the morning and I actually felt like a runner again.  1st time since the 4th of July weekend.  Ran another easy run with Jerry Ross in the evening.  Felt good!

16.5 miles (10am/6.5pm)

Easy recovery pace on my South Loop.  Legs a little tired from yesterday's workout, but felt better as I ran.  Kept it easy.

Ran with Wendy on the turnagain arm trail in the late afternoon.  Ran super easy, but it was fun and a nice change of pace.

16 miles (5am/11pm 4 x 1.5 miles @ Tempo)

Easy 5 miler in the morning.  Felt ok, but a little vertigo.  Maybe too much coffee:)

Ran with the training group in the evening at 6pm.  We met at Westchester and the loop for the workout was cool.  Had a good hill up to West in it.  I felt ok, but I'm not recovered yet from the Marathon and the Lost Lake/Mt. Marathon weekend.  Legs still feel kinda dead.  I was working a little harder then I should've during the workout.  It's ok, just gonna run easy the rest of week.

3 mile warm-up
4 x 1.5 mile tempo w/ 2+ min recovery
1.5 mile cool down

15 miles (10am/5pm)

Ran from Studio 49 on Chester Creek trail.  Felt ok, but still tired.  Kept it real easy.   Ran with Jerry Ross in the evening at recovery pace too.  Ran out on coastal trail.

10 miles

Easy recovery pace on my South loop.  Legs still a little tired from weekend.  Also, my neck has been kind of messed up even before the Mayors marathon.  Really tight.  I need a massage for sure.

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