June 28th- July 4th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1701 miles

Mileage for the week 6/28- 7/4
55 miles

5+ miles

Nice and easy recovery run at 10pm. Legs were sore from yesterday, so nice to take it easy and loosen them up a little.

16 miles

Jerry and I ran winner creek in Girdwood. Awesome Run! It was nice to get on the trails. Favorite run of the summer so far. Tired toward the end.

8 miles

I ran to Dearmoun and back with extra loop. Felt good running in 60 degrees again. Ran about 6:40 pace.


Flew back to Alaska today from Salt Lake. Very tired. Had a good trip, but ready to get running again. Gotta love the temps in Alaska.

7 miles

Ran from hotel during break from tourney tonight. Wasn't sunny but still close to 90out. I still have pain in my achilles and don't know what to think about it. I may need to take some time off, which isn't cool at all.

5+ miles

Nice and easy with Mark Lane and Eli Hutchison from the hotel today.

13.5 miles

I ran from the hotel in Orem, Utah today. It was upper 80's when I took off. Carried a bottle of water and a gu. I actually felt really good during this run. It was nice to run on some flat ground for a change. The elevation here in Orem is 4,900 ft. Beautiful scenerey running toward the mountains. Good run today!

June 21st- June 27th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1646 miles

Mileage for the week 6/21- 6/27
44 miles

4 miles

Nice and super easy this morning. I really don't like running here in Idaho. Ran at 8am and was already hot. Legs are dead from the last few days. Gotta get more sleep.

9 miles

Been doing the same route here in Pocatello. The first 3+ miles are all up hill. Ran at noon when it was hot!!! Very tough running here. Achilles still aches.

8+ miles

Same run as yesterday. Ran in the evening and it was a little cooler. Tough run here.

9 miles

My hip is totally fine today. It's weird I could barely walk yesterday and now it's like it never hurt. It must of been a nerve that was pinched or something. Glad it's better though. Very hot out today! I think its hard running in this elevation too.


My hip hurt really bad today. I had a hard time walking especially up inclines. I'm really nervous about it. Right when I should be running more too.

8+miles (4 x 100m striders)

Ran around the wrestling facility and did a few miles on the Idaho state university track. Kept it easy, but was running at noon and it was hot. My right hip was giving some sharp pains about 10 minutes in. Same pain I experienced on Sunday when I started out. Hopefully it is nothing.

6 miles

Nice and super easy this morning at 5:45am before wrestling tournament. Legs tired from yesterday's hill run.

June 14th- June 20th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1602 miles

Mileage for the week 6/14- 6/20
60 miles

12 miles

Warm and sunny today in Pocatello. Took off from hotel and ran about 4 miles too a trail head and headed up some steep trails to some mountains outside of town. Pretty steep and had to Power hike quite a bit. Running down the hills got to my legs too. Legs were pretty dead at the bottom. Good effort today. Should've brought some water with me. Did have a gu at the top.

6+ miles

Arrived in Pocatello, ID today. Went nice and easy from the hotel. A little tired since I was on the red eye.

10 miles

Ran the south loop w/ an extra mile. Felt really good and averaged 6:26 pace. Head out to Pocatello, ID tonight for wrestling.

6+ miles

Ran from Chugiak again. Nice and easy. Weather has been great for running. Last day of Wrestling camp. Leave for Western Regionals in Idaho tomorrow night.

12 miles

Ran from Chugiak H.S. to the shooting range in Chugiak/Birchwood rd. Didn't see any bears this time. Thanksfully. Ran a little on the track to get 80 minutes. Felt pretty good.

8 miles

Raining today and did my first 2.8 miles on the treadmill and it was too hot and boring, so I bolted outside. Felt great outside. Was running at 6:29 pace my last 5.2 miles. Another stressful day, but nice to get out for a run afterwards and release.

6 miles

Ran to Huffman and back with extra loop after camp today. Stressful day. 14 weeks until Equinox. Gotta start getting my mileage up again.

June 7th- June 13th

Mileage for the year 2010
1542 miles

Mileage for the week 6/7- 6/13
46 miles

12 miles

Ran the Boston prep route. Felt pretty good. Ran at an avg. of 6:32 pace.

6+ miles

Nice and easy from Chugiak High School. Ran on south birchwood loop. Ran into a Big Black bear a couple of minutes from school.

10 miles (4 miles @ Tempo)

I ran after camp today.
2.6 mile warm-up
4 miles at Tempo (5:49, 5:48, 5:39, 5:39)
3.4 miles steady

I kind of eased into my tempo today. It felt good. I really do enjoy tempo pace. It feels a little fast, but comfortable at the same time. My left achilles tendon is bothering a little lately. Have to keep an eye on it.

9+ miles w/ 6 X 100m striders

Same course as yesterday. Perfect running weather. cool and overcast.

9+ miles

Ran from Chugiak High School. Nice course on south birchwood down to the airstrip and back.

Off- Another rest day. Just too tired and this week is going to be easy anyway, before I get going in Marathon training again.

Off- Team Alaska Wrestling camp began. Snapped my 34 day running streak.

May 31st- June 6th

Mileage for the Year 2010
1496 miles

Mileage for the week 5/31- 6/6
64 miles

13+ miles

Ran my Boston prep route with some extra. I felt so good today. I felt like running a little faster. Average pace for run was 6:30 pace. Did feel a little pain on my anterior tibealis area when going down steep downhills on pavement. Hopefully its just a muscular thing. Great run today.

6 miles- recovery pace

Nice and easy to Huffman and back with extra loop

14 miles (Twilight 12K- 41:28)

I ran a nice and easy 4 mile shake out run this morning. Skinny Raven put on an awesome race tonight. The Kenyans took control and the winner set a 2 minute PR and ran the 12K in 37:07 which is 4:48 pace. I never seem to feel good in this race, but I ran alright. My time of 41:28 is 18 seconds PR from last year. So, I gotta be happy with that. Bears Tooth Pizza and Beer afterwards!!!

6 miles

Nice and easy to Huffman and back with extra loop. What a difference a couple of rest days will make you feel. I feel way better today. I also got a great night of sleep. I think I'm ready to have a good effort tomorrow in the race.

5+ miles

Extremely tired. Took it nice and easy today. I was able to get a massage too and took an ice bath. Hopefully I feel better by friday.

12 miles

Ran my Boston prep route. I Felt tired and so did my legs. Need to get better sleep and rest more. My pace ended up being 6:39 pace overall. Gonna take the next couple of days easy before the 12K on friday night.

8 miles

Met at Skinny Raven and ran the Twilight 12K course with Ross and Iverson. Wanted to get a quick refresher for the race on friday. As of today there was over 1150 signed up already. Gonna be a fun race!

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