March 25th- March 31st "Week #6- Recovery week"

Mileage for the Year 2013
745 miles

Mileage for the week 3/25- 3/31
80 miles

16 miles

Decided to get my run done before kids got up on Easter morning.  Woke up a t 6am and had a little coffee and I was running by 7am.  Started at 7:30pace and progressed down to sub 6 pace at the end.  Felt good and somewhat easy.

I had a good first cycle of this marathon build up.  The cycle is called "Endurance" and I believe I've gotten better endurance and got my body ready for the demands of higher mileage coming up.  The next cycle is called "Lactate Threshold + Endurance". So, my mileage will continue to be high and I will sprinkle in some LT runs and have a Marathon specific workout of 16 miles w/ 12 @ MP pace.  Here I go!!!!!

7.5 miles

Easy recovery pace.  Felt pretty good.  Gonna get up early tomorrow to get my long run done before kids wake up.

12.5 miles

Finally ran outside!  It was nice and warm (28 above) and the sidewalks and trails were good. A little soft on elmore and by service, but ok.  I felt pretty strong out there today too.  Good effort.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both super super easy.  Feeling good.

13 miles

Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6 min. flat pace.  These medium distance runs are feeling easier and easier. I felt really good today and I recover fast.  Loving it.

9 miles (10 x 100m striders)

Still buried in snow so I ran on the treadmill again.  I wanted to get 10 miles in, but had to pick up my daughter from school.  Felt good to get some leg turnover with the striders.

11 miles (5am/6pm)

Both runs at easy recovery pace and on the treadmill. Tons of snow again last night and all day today.  Getting sick of it.  Ugh.....

March 18th- March 24th "Week #5"

Mileage for the Year 2013
665 miles

Mileage for the week 3/18- 3/24
100 miles

20 miles

We got a bunch of snow last night and I wasn't in the mood to slog through it all and get hit by a car,etc... Opted for the treadmill.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Had good music and water available.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:30 pace by mile 10 and then I slowly started going faster until last mile was 5:52 pace.  Felt really good.  Solid week of 100 miles.  Next week is a recovery week.

10 miles

Easy recovery pace this morning. It's snowing out so I ran it on the treadmill.  Hope it doesn't snow too much so I can run my 20 miler outside tomorrow.  Felt pretty good today.

16 miles  (4am/12pm w/ tempo)

An easy 4 miles during lunch at recovery pace.  I felt pretty good so I knew I'd have a good workout today.

After school I ran the following workout:
4 mile warm-up w/ striders
4 miles @ Tempo (5:46, 5:42, 5:39, 5:33)
4 miles @ General Aerobic (6:40 pace)

Tempo felt really good and controlled the whole time. I was thinking of adding another mile, but since I've been sick I knew better to push it.  Glad I was able to get a workout in while being sick this week.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both were very easy recovery.  Glad I'm waiting until tomorrow to do my tempo workout.  Felt better today though.

20 miles (15am/5pm)

I turned 39 years old today.  Still under the weather, but good enough to run.  I ran my 15 miler out on Postmark Dr. to Totem again.  Sun was out but windy and cold.  The temp was only 14 degrees and the wind made it colder for sure.  I felt okay, just tired from this cold.

5 easy recovery miles in the evening.

12 miles (8am/4pm)

Both easy recovery pace again.  I suppose to do a tempo workout, but still not feeling too good with this cold. I'll postpone it till thursday.

11 miles (5am/6pm)

Both were at easy recovery pace.  Still sick with this chest cold.  Coughing up dark green still.  Need to get a good night sleep tonight.  Recover!!!

March 11th- March 17th "Week #4"

Mileage for the Year 2013
565 miles

Mileage for the week 3/11- 3/17
93 miles

19 miles

Beautiful and sunny day outside.  Wasn't sure if I was even going to run today, because I've been coughing and I can feel the cold in my chest some.  I didn't take off until 2pm and I decided to take it easy and see how I felt. I ended up feeling pretty good.  Started at 7:30 pace and was down to 6:30 pace towards the end.

Ran from the Post Office by the airport to totem and back 2X.  Solid week of training even though I've not been feeling great.

8 miles (Shamrock 5K)

I was the Lepercauhn again for the Skinny Raven Shamrock 5K.  I did a 1 mile warm-up and no cool down.  So about 4 miles total.  I started 5 minutes after the start again.  The course was better then last year, but I still had to walk in sections because of the crowds.  It was still a lot of fun.

4 miles super easy recovery pace in the evening.  I'm glad I did this since I didn't cool down at all after 5K.

16 miles (12am/4pm)

Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:15 pace on my 12 miler.  Felt so easy even though I have a cold.

Very easy recovery pace in the evening.  Gonna dress up as a Lepercaun again for the Shamrock 5K tomorrow.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both were super easy recovery pace.  I came down with a cold the past couple of days.  My son got it first and I've must of got it from him.  I feel okay running though.  Lots of fluids.

19 miles (14am/5pm)

Ran at the Dome this morning.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6 min. pace at the end.  Lot's of laps, but felt really good and in shape.  Easy 5 miles at recovery pace in the evening.

10 miles (10 x 100m striders)

Ran at General Aerobic pace.  Felt great and through in some striders at the end.  Love running right now.

11 miles (6am/5pm)

Both runs were kept at easy recovery pace.  Felt good.

March 4th- March 10th "Week #3"

Mileage for the Year 2013
472 miles

Mileage for the week 3/4- 3/10
81 miles

16 miles

Was planning to drive out by postmark road to run, but we got a snow storm this morning and I wasn't gonna struggle through the snow the entire run.  So, I opted to do the whole run on the treadmill.  It's a long time to be on a treadmill, but sometimes I enjoy the warmth, shorts, and music.  Also, water is right there when I need it.  It's hot in my garage and I do sweat a lot which is good practice if I race in hot conditions like Boston last year.  Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 pace at the end. Solid week of training!!!

6 miles

Super easy recover this morning.  I got another good nights sleep and that sure helps a lot.  Felt great.

12 miles

Ran on the treadmill at school this morning. With the warm winds the sidewalks would be icy!!! Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 5:52 my last mile.  I'm not going to lie either, it felt easy. Getting in shape!!

12 miles(7am/5pm)

A couple super easy recovery runs.  I'm trying to get my mileage back up, so I know I need to keep these runs super easy.  Felt really good though.

14 miles

Ran my Boston prep route with some on elmore too. Footing was pretty good, but lots of hard ice and some dry road.  So my ice bug days may be limited. They sure were nice for the ice, but it'll get old fast running on pure jagged ice.  Anyways pleased with my effort and its starting to get easier again.

10 miles (4 @ Tempo)

First workout of this training cycle.  It was a progressive tempo.

4 mile warm-up with some striders
4 miles @ Tempo (5:52, 5:49, 5:44, 5:39)
2 mile cool down

I felt really good on tempo. 1st mile seemed the hardest and then it felt really good.  Soon I hope to start my tempo pace around 5:39.  Good workout today.

11 miles (5am/6pm)

Both runs were at an easy recovery pace.  Felt good though.  First workout tomorrow.

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