June 29th- July 5th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1627 miles

Mileage for the week 6/29- 7/5
52 miles


The Cadet/Junior Wrestling camp began today. I ended up wrestling a little greco and was exhausted at the end. Then the pain of my feet really started to kick in. Seriously thinking of cashing in the running for the rest of summer. Not fun with these feet constantly aching. Sucks big time!

5+ miles- recovery run

Nice and easy and slow today with the heart rate monitor. My feet are bothering me a little, but trying to really be careful with them. Some good downhill pounding yesterday. Hopefully they will hold up and stay good.

15+ miles (Lost Lake)

My favorite run in all of Alaska. Jerry and I went at a decent pace. Finished in 1 hr. 58min. Never pushed it, but kept it steady. Beautiful day outside. 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! Lots of people on the trail enjoying the day. I took a 10 min. dip in the cold lake by the Primose camp ground. So cold, but good.

5 miles

I had to get it done after work today. Ran it on the mille to keep it super easy. I've taken ice baths all week to help with my feet. So far so good!

13 miles

Nice and warm today. I was suppose to do 12 miles today, but with road construction it forced me to add a mile. I did my hilly Boston route. It was pretty warm out 78 degrees and I was definetly tired toward the end. Good effort. It was probably around 6:40 pace.

8 miles w/ 8 x 100m striders

Ran my lake otis route, but had to switch it up a little because of road constrction in kempton hills. It was nice and warm out 70 degrees. I'm sure I ran too fast but felt pretty good. I clocked a couple of miles around 6:15 pace. I've been lifting weight for the last week and I can feel it in my upper body. My arms were getting tired. Probably not the best thing for running.

6 miles

Nice and easy. First day of equinox training.

June 22- June 28th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1575 miles

Mileage for the week 6/22- 6/28
15 miles

10+ miles

I ran Powerline pass with Jerry and Monica. Beautiful day out. I'm out of shape, but my feet felt pretty good. I'm going to try and do a nice 12 week block of training for the equinox marathon. Starts tomorrow!

5 miles

Nice and easy.






June 15th- June 21st

Mileage for the Year 2009

1560 miles

Mileage for the week 6/15-6/21
30 miles

Off- recovery

11+ miles (Midnight Sun 10K- 34:30)

Was in Fairbanks to run the 10K. It's always a great event. I went out too fast. 5:12 first mile when it should've been 5:30. I just couldn't recover well after that. To run a sub 34min. 10K all you have to run is 5:29 miles. The race went out fast and a couple guys ran 5 min. first mile. They finished around 32:40ish. Need to run my own race next time. Still had fun though. I'm going to need to take a break. I gotta get rid of this foot pain.

Off- I'm tired and legs are tired. Midnight Sun 10K tomorrow.

6 miles (4x100m striders)

Ran to Huffman and back with a little extra. Started pretty easy, but turned it into a general aerobic run. Checked a mile split and it was 6:28. Felt really good though

6 miles

Ran on the treadmill to keep it easy plus I was home with Taelynn. Felt really good going slow to recover.

5.5 miles

Ran from Bartlett after class at camp. Legs felt a little tired, but I kept it easy.


June 8th- June 14th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1530 miles

Mileage for the week 6/8- 6/14
47 miles

12+ miles

I did the Mayors Marathon course from Bartlett to just past the Mooses Run golf course and back. I felt pretty good. My last couple miles were around 6:20 pace. I feel like I did a pretty good job this week with being super busy. I definetly didn't get the sleep I needed though. I hope I can get rested up and have a couple of good runs before next saturday's 10K in Fairbanks.

11 miles

I was able to get away from camp for a little bit and get a good quality workout in. I found this workout on-line called "The Michigan". Its a good 10K workout. Here it is:
2+ mile warm-up

1 mile hard- 5:12
1 mile steady- 6:00
1200 hard- 3:55
1 mile steady- 6:00
800 hard- 2:37
1 mile steady- 6:05
400 hard- 1:15
1 mile steady- 6:03
200 hard- 35 sec.

1 mile cool down.


Not happy about it, but had no time to run. Very run down after summer school and camp.

9 miles

Summer school and the wrestling camp began. I didn't think I would have time to run. But I knew I needed to if I wanted to race well on June 20th. I ran at 10pm and finished at 11pm. I don't like running that late, but I felt good. I ran the south loop and felt strong too.


Wanted to run but seriously had no time. Summer school and moving wrestling mats all day!

9 miles

I ran the south loop at a pretty good clip (6:29 pace). Tried to stay smooth and I felt pretty good. Another beautiful and sunny day. Above 70 degrees at 5pm when I ran. I can't believe the weather we have been having since the end of april. Keep it up please.

6 miles

Nice and easy today with the heart rate monitor to Huffman and back with a little extra. Heart rate stayed below 150. Nice and warm out.

June 1st- June 7th

Mileage for the Year 2009
1482 miles

Mileage for the week 6/1- 6/7
48 miles

13 miles

I ran about 92 minutes today in Kincaid park with Jerry Ross and Trevor Dunbar. It was nice to be on the trail and my foot probably appreciated it too. Legs were a little tired from friday's race.

5+ miles

Nice and easy to Huffman and back. Sun was out!

10+ miles (Twilight 12K- 41:46)

Did a nice easy warm-up and ran the skinny raven twilight 12K. I was pretty happy with my performance. My foot has been bothering me so I haven't done much speed work or intervals to prepare for the race. I did feel rested and a lot more comfortable than last year. I cross the 10K mark in 34:11. I have 2 more weeks until the Midnight Sun 10K in fairbanks. My goal is to break 34min. If I can get a couple of good workouts I should be ready to go.

6 miles
12 minute Ice bath for foot.

Was stuck at home today, but wanted another easy recovery day since I have a race tomorrow. Ran on the treadmill for the first time in a long time. Pretty hot in my workout room. Drank plenty of water and toweled off a couple of times. Easy Easy. Wore the heart rate monitor again and heart rate was between 135 and 140.

5+ miles
12 min. Ice bath on feet

Since I've been running to fast on easy days, I decided to wear my heart rate monitor and keep it around 145 bpm. It really did the trick. Once it got higher I would slow down and keep myself in check. I ran to Huffman and back and it was kind of nice to run slow. Sunny out again! My foot felt great, but need to really watch it.

9 miles (6 X 100m striders)
12 min. ice bath

I drove home from Fairbanks today. I hate sitting in a car for over 6 hours, especially when it is warm and sunny outside. I ran the south loop today. Too fast of course. Legs felt tired and I felt tired at first. I think it was because I was sitting for so long in the car today. After 30 minutes I started feeling a lot better. My average for the entire 9 miles was 6:36 pace. I did a few striders afterwards too. I've decided to ice my feet after every run for awhile to see if it helps. I ended up doing a 12 min. ice bath of my entire lower body. I forgot how much it sucks the first 2 min.


I ran 16 yesterday and I felt good enough to run easy and I really wanted too, but I need to start taking care of this foot issue I have. I sure hope I don't have to take some extended time off.

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