April 30th- May 6th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,303 miles

Mileage for the week 4/30- 5/6
18 miles


Went fishing in Whittier with some friends.  No chance to run.  I left home at 7am and returned at 9pm.  Even though I just took 4 days off, it was probably a good thing.  Now I know for sure I'm fully recovered from Boston. Time to get after it again.


State Freestyle Wrestling Tournament all Day!  7am- 10pm.


Decided to stay home from work too.  Really congested.


Dodgeball Tournament at school.  I officiated over 100 games in 3 straight hours.  Exhausted and sick.

6 miles

Officially have a cold.  Chest burns a little and congested.  Just kept it super easy today on the treadmill.  I guess if I'm going to have a cold, its good timing.  It'll force me to take it easy one more week.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace again.  I'm coming down with a cold.  Yuck...

5.5 miles

Just an easy recovery pace run to Huffman and back.  Loving the sun being out.  Felt good too.

April 23rd- April 29th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,285 miles

Mileage for the week 4/23- 4/29
40 miles

12 miles

First double digit run since Boston.  I took it easy and it felt good to run a little longer today.  I'm probably going to keep it easy for 1 more week, to make sure I'm fully recovered from the Marathon.

Off- worked at our wrestling tournament all day.

5.5 miles

Wow!  Great weather.  Nice and easy effort to Huffman and back.  Very busy though.  Had to set up our freestyle tournament that our club is hotsting this weekend.  Tired.

8 miles

Another great day outside.  I tried to keep it easy the best I could, but it's hard sometimes when you feel good.  I realize I can't run hard everyday and recovery days are very important.

8 miles

An awesome day outside!  Ran shirtless for the first time all year (besides Hawaii).  I also decided to run a little faster today.  General Aerobice plus 5-6 striders.  I felt pretty darn good.  My last mile was sub 6 and it felt easy.


I got really busy with our Mr. South competition at school.  Plus, good idea to give the legs another easy rest day.  No need to get back at it too soon.

5.5 miles

Very nice outside again today.  Feels good to be finally running outside with shorts on.  Kept it easy, but a little faster than I have the last few days.  Legs feeling a lot better.

April 16th- April 22nd "Boston Marathon"

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,245 miles

Mileage for the week 4/16- 4/22
43 miles

6+ miles 

Another beautiful morning.  Kept the same easy pace as I have been running. Feels great to get outside and it feels good to be running.  I can still feel the legs are a little tired though.

5.5 miles

Kept it super easy again.  Legs do feel better than yesterday though.

4 miles

Beautiful outside and I wanted to get the blood flowing a little in the legs. Kept it super easy, I can tell I ran a marathon on Monday!




27 miles (26.2 Boston Marathon)-  2:38:39  74th place overall (87 degrees in Boston!)

2012 Boston Marathon Race Report

“I love it when a plan comes together.”- Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith (A-Team).

It’s hard to believe that this was my 5th Boston Marathon already. My training went pretty good this winter and I came into the race prepared to run anywhere between 2hr. 30min and 2hr. 32min. which would’ve been a good size personal record. I have set a PR’s each of my previous 4 Boston’s, but some nasty hot weather came to Boston this weekend and Monday morning I knew, I had to reevaluate my goals or I could be walking by the time I hit the Newton Hills. My ultimate goal is to someday break 2hrs. 30 minutes in the Marathon. If I can get a nice consistent training block and everything else lines up like the weather, I believe I can still accomplish this. To be honest, it was pretty disappointing showing up to Boston and seeing the forecast. All the hard work the past 18 weeks to set a PR, had to be thrown out the window. My good friend Jerry Ross sent me a good message though on Saturday morning. He told me that I wasn’t going to run a new PR in these conditions “Period”, but if I run smart I can pick up a lot of people who are suffering and get a high placing in Boston. I’ve always had a goal of breaking into the top 100 at Boston. So, why not take advantage of this weather? This gave me some new motivation for the race and lifted my spirits a little. While I was in Hopkinton the weather was already getting really warm, so it wasn’t until then that I decided to actually map out my plan and I would try to go out in 1hr. and 18min. for the half and then try to negative split it. Coming into Boston my original goal was to run around 1hr. 15min. for the half, so 3 minutes slower seemed like an easy realistic thing to do under these circumstances.

Here is how the race unfolded:

Warm up: I didn’t really need to warm-up. I figured in these temps, I would just do it in the first couple miles of the race. I did end up jogging really slow for about 5-10 min up and down a side street by our corral to just get the blood flowing a little. I used the porta john and then jumped in our corral with about 12 minutes to go before the start. Just standing there waiting to start, I was dripping in sweat and the sun was beating down on us. It felt hot. Right there I reminded myself to take it out easy and make sure to drink all my fluids at each water stop. It’s really crowded in the corral too and every year there are runners trying to get in front of you to get closer to the start. It’s kind of annoying, since the race is 26.2 miles and it has a chip start. As a few runners were doing this, I couldn’t help but think of the quote from the movie “Tombstone”. The part when Ike told Wyatt Ear- “I’ll see you soon, I’ll see you soon”. That’s what I was thinking as they would step in front of me. It was kind of cool thinking that I was actually going to race people this year instead of the clock. It was also the first time I never wore a pace band to make sure I was on pace for a certain time. I was going to totally race on how I felt. I was basically going to battle against the field and also more importantly the SUN.

Mile 1: 6:09

I started out with a couple of friends of mine (Jay Thomson and Blake Whitney). We had discussed going out in 1:18, but were going to adjust on how we felt. It only took about 6-8 seconds to cross the start this year. The first mile is all downhill and easy. It felt good to finally start running, because it created a small breeze after standing in the sun for so long. It felt so effortless that I thought we were going to be close to 7 min. pace by the mile marker, but came across it in 6:09.

Mile 2: 6:01

Still keeping it easy and things feel really good. There was a water stop here, but I didn’t take anything. I knew I was really hydrated and I could make it another mile. Plus, it was still really crowded at this point and I wanted to save energy by just staying in the middle of the road. There had to be a good 200+ people ahead of me. I was just letting people go, because I knew that many would be paying the price in the second half of the race.

Mile 3: 5:59

Still a gradual downhill and I was just running easy. I’m still with my buddy Jay at this time. When there wasn’t any shade, which was 98% of this race you could really tell that it was warm out there. This is a point to point race from Hopkinton to Boston and the sun is glaring on your right side the entire way. I was smart and put on sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned really bad. I also wore my sunglasses, because I wanted my eyes to relax as well and not squint the entire 26.2 miles to Boston.

Mile 4: 5:52

The course starts to flatten out more in this section and you can actually start getting into a pretty good rhythm. Although I feel really good, I have to remind myself to just keep it easy. I go through the town of Ashland and the crowds are great. I would have to say that the crowds were the best they have ever been in the five years I’ve run this race. I’m sure it had a lot to do with the upper 80 degree temps that brought the spectators outside. It amazes me the runners that spend some much energy high fiving the spectators and pumping their fists, etc… That takes a lot of extra energy and I’d rather try to relax and keep it as easy as possible. I do understand that some people are running the race for the Boston experience and that’s cool too. It’s an unbelievable race and I have no problem people trying to take it all in. But, today I kept thinking it would probably be a good idea to just relax as much as possible because there is a lot of pain and suffering up ahead.

Mile 5: 5:59

Mile 6: 5:54 (10K- 37:16- 5:59 pace)

I take a Gu at mile 6. The last few years I’ve had stomach issues during the race. I think it had to do with so many carbs and Gatorades I took while running. So, I decided to take my Gu’s at miles 6, 12, 17, and just after the top of Heartbreak at mile 21. I survive on just water for the first ten miles and then I start to take Gatorade as well. In this heat you lose a lot of minerals, so I wanted to make sure I was getting sodium. Some runners were taking salt tablets. I’ve never taken them and I didn’t want to try anything I haven’t tested out in training first. Gatorade was probably more important than prior years. Plus, there was sodium in the Gu’s as well. I had a pretty good system. I’d take a Gatorade at the beginning of the water stop and then 2 waters at the end. I would poor one water over my head and then drink the other until it was completely gone. I carried the water I drank with me until I finished the whole thing. I just pinched the top of it while I ran, so it wouldn’t all spill out.

Mile 7: 5:55

I run through Framingham and like always there is great crowd support. I still feel great at this point and without even knowing what 1hr. 18min. pace for the half was, I’m pretty sure I’m on pace for that.

Mile 8: 5:58

Mile 9: 5:56

Still feeling good and under control. I’m reminding myself to stay relaxed. I keep my arms low and my leg turnover feels good. I want to go faster, but I resist and stat at this pace. I’m not struggling at all, but in a marathon you really shouldn’t be at this point in the race anyways. Plus, I know I’m not just battling the course, but the weather too. On top of that, I was training for 2hr. 30 minute pace all winter, so this 2hr. 36 minute pace is pretty easy.

Mile 10: 5:58

At mile 10 I pass Fisk Pond. It’s a pretty good size pond. This is when I really start to think that it’s getting warm out here. The sun is shining on the pond and I can’t help to think it would feel good to jump in it for a few seconds. The crowds were very aware of the struggles the runners would be going through this year and it seemed like they were doing their best to help us out. This was the first year I actually took water from spectators. I wouldn’t drink it, but I did dump it over my head when I had the chance. I’ve never been so wet in a race before. I was constantly dumping water over my head at every opportunity. It definitely felt good and it did help cool me down for a little while. The fire departments also had hoses that they were spraying onto the course as well. It felt so good when you ran through them.

Mile 11: 6:01

Traveled through the town of Natick here. Super big crowds.

Mile 12: 5:58

I take my 2nd Gu here just before Wellesley college. This is one of my favorite parts of the course. The Wellesley girls did not disappoint again this year. They are very LOUD as you pass. It’s like a shot of adrenaline as you run by them. Lots of signs and its fun to read them. One says “Kiss me! I’m working for NASA this summer” and another says “I’ve never been kissed…..by you.” Many of them wanting kisses and my wife can be happy that in 5 years I have not kissed anyone…..Yet. LOL. I’m always smiling through that section of the course.

Mile 13: 5:59 (1:18:28- 5:59 pace)

I pass the ½ marathon mark in 1:18:28, so I’m 28 seconds off the plan I made. For the first time I realize that I’m not feeling the greatest. I don’t feel bad either, but understand that I’m only half way through the race and it’s getting hot and it’s going to be very hard to negative split this race. The hills will be coming up in a few miles and I decided I should just maintain my effort instead of picking it up like I planned. I want to feel the best I can when I reach the top of Heartbreak hill. I’m positive there will be plenty of runners who do not do the same and I’ll make them pay for it from mile 21 to the finish when I blow past them.

Mile 14: 5:57

Mile 15: 6:08

My legs and feet are really starting to feel beat up. I’m wearing a pretty light shoe (Adidas Adios) that I’m not accustomed to racing marathons in. I did do some workouts in them, but I’m starting to wish I had listened to Jerry Ross and got a little more cushion under my feet.

Mile 16: 5:56

I’m able to start grabbing actual water bottles from the elite tables now. The tables are still set up and they have a few extras and they don’t mind if people grab the left overs. It’s actually really nice to have a bottle where I can run with it for a while and dump it over my head too once I feel full. I’m sure this helped me get to the finish line.

Mile 17: 6:12

This is when the Newton Hills begin. I am very thankful to be here now. My legs are feeling pretty beat up and it almost feels like they could cramp up. I take another gu here too. It is very hot now! I do take my time going uphill though. I want to save everything so I can finish strong coming into Boston and I’ll make up time there instead of losing big chunks of time struggling home.

Mile 18: 6:17

I take a right by the Newton Fire station and head up hill #2. I’m actually surprised that I’m already this far in the race. I’m starting to get very familiar with this course since this is my 5th year running it in a row. Again, I’m smart going up the hill and don’t push myself harder than I need too.

Mile 19: 6:06

Mile 20: 6:19

Newton Hill #3 in this mile. Just a slight downhill in the beginning and then a long half mile uphill section. Again, I just adjust my stride and try to stay relaxed. In past races I forget and I think this is Heart break hill, but not this year. There are so many spectators on the course this year. Did I mention it’s hot out?

Mile 21: 6:28 “Heartbreak Hill”

I passed so many people this year going up Heart break. If I could guess, I would say close to 20. That definitely motivates me. I don’t really feel that bad either, since I’ve been going uphill instead of down. Once I reach the top, I know that if things go well I can roll into Boston and pass a lot of runners that have taken it out too hard for these conditions.

Mile 22: 6:07

I take my last Gu at this mile and hope it’ll get me into Boston feeling good. I always take a 2X Caffeine Espresso Love to get a little extra boost. This mile begins with a pretty steep downhill and I’m kind of nervous to open my stride because I feel like I could get a serious cramp. My legs are pretty thrashed at this point, but I know I’ll have time to recover them after the race. There are a ton of Boston College students out this year. More than I have ever seen and louder than I ever remembered. They are all out partying and cheering. I get another big shot of adrenaline from this. I’m also passing so many runners. I feel for some of them, because they are definitely suffering. These are terrible marathon conditions!

Mile 23: 6:08

I know that my plan is coming together now. I’m passing big groups of runners. There are runners walking, stretching, trying to run. I see some of the bibs and they are under 100 and the majority are under my 218 bid. I start to think that I must be in the top 100 now. I know that there was a couple hundred in front of me the first few miles, but I’ve passed so many now. I don’t think anyone has passed me since mile 14.

Mile 24: 5:54

I was trying to do the math in my head to see if I was anywhere near a 2hr. 37min. marathon to get an even split, but I realize that won’t happen. I am happy to know that if I can just maintain this pace, I’ll be less than 2 hours 39 minutes which is still a good time under these conditions. Also, I believe it is this mile when someone shouts out that I’m in the top 80. I was super pumped to hear that!

Mile 25: 6:05

At this point the spectating crowds are huge and I’m basically running all alone. In previous marathons I’ve always had people around me the entire way. Here I’ll see a few people up ahead and as soon as I pass them I’m all by myself again looking for the next runner up ahead to pass. It was kind of cool though because these crowds are cheering so loud for me. I have my ALASKA skinny raven race singlet on and everyone is shouting “GO ALASKA!” I’m hurting but pumped to be running good at this stage in the race and in these conditions.

Mile 26: 5:51

I pass the Citgo sign and I know I’m almost finished. I didn’t even realize this until I wrote this race report, but my fastest mile in the entire race was the last mile. Turning onto Boylston I felt strong. There was a couple of runner’s way ahead, I closed the gap but there was no chance to pass them. I still ran hard all the way to the finish though. Coming down Boylston is an incredible feeling. The crowds are so loud and you are surrounded by huge tall buildings. It’s almost like a tunnel. You can see the blue finish area in the distance and you know the race will be over soon. I train hard for 18 weeks just to run down this straight away. It’s always an unbelievable feeling and I don’t see that ever getting old.

Last .2 : 1:18

Overall Time: 2hrs. 38 min. 29 sec.

Positive split: 1min 33 sec.

Overall Place: 74th place out of 21,554 finishers

*Boston set a record temperature for April 16th- 88 degrees. I believe the average temp at this time of year is 55 degrees. Over 2,100 runners were sent to medical tents for assistance.

I am very happy with this race and I executed my plan almost perfectly. I wanted to go out in 1hr. 18 minutes at the half and I just about did that. The plan was to negative split the race, but I re-evaluated with the extreme conditions at the half and came pretty close to an even split (+ 1:33) and that was with the hills in the second half. One thing is for sure. If I would’ve gone out and ran a 1 hr. 15 min. half I would’ve never made it past the Newton hills.

I’m starting to realize that every Marathon is different. There are so many variables that can be thrown at you and you need to be ready to adapt. Even though I’m still looking for that sub 2hr. 30 min. marathon, this year’s Boston may rank as my best marathon performance to date. It was a blast passing so many runners in the second half. I’m proud of my 74thplace, even though the time wasn’t the greatest. I beat a lot of runners today who were more talented than me. I took what the weather gave me and I got the most out of it. I’m sorry Mother Nature; even though you tried to spoil my plans, I’m pretty sure I beat you today.

I had another great Boston experience, which I’ll remember forever.

Boston Marathon results:

2008- 2:44:01

2009- 2:37:12

2010- 2:36:04

2011- 2:34:29

2012- 2:38:29

April 9th- April 15th

Mileage for the Year 2012
1,202 miles

Mileage for the week 4/9- 4/15
34 miles

4+ miles

I ran around the commons again at 10am.  I just ran for 30 minutes to get the blood flowing in the legs a little.  I felt GREAT during this run.  It was very warm though.

5+ miles

Ran with Jay from our hotel.  Felt okay.  We just ran a bunch of loops in the Boston Commons.  It was around 7:45am and already getting warm.

Off-  Traveled to Boston and just walked around a little.  Beautiful day today in Boston.

6 miles

Last run in Anchorage before I fly out tonight for Boston. Nice and easy recovery pace.  I'm ready to run and I feel good.  Weather isn't suppose to be good in Boston though.  85 above on race day monday.  Hard to set a PR with that weather.  It its what it is though.  I usually race off effort and I'll give my best anyway.  I've dedicated 18 weeks to this and I wouldn't think twice about not doing my best.

7.5 miles w/ 3 @ Marathon Pace

My last small workout before Boston.  Another sunny day outside and I ran this on my Dearmoun and back route. Here it is:

3 mile warm-up
3 miles @ MP (5:37, 5:40, 5:37)
1.5 mile cool down

Marathon pace miles were a little fast, but I felt really good and relaxed.  A 2:30 marathon is 5:44 pace.  I'm looking at going sub 2:32 and maybe a little faster.  Leave for Boston tomorrow at 5pm!  Hard to believe it's almost here.  I have a feeling it'll be a good run.

6+ miles

Beautiful sunny day today, but still so much snow.  I ran to Huffman and back and I felt really good.  Tried to keep it easy which I did, but it still was an average of 6:42 pace.  Foamed rolled and took an ice bath too.  I'm feeling really good.  I hope that's a good sign for the race monday.

5 miles

Decided to run instead of take a complete rest day.  Nice and easy recovery pace though.  Felt good.

April 2nd - April 8th

Mileage for the Year 2012 
1168 miles

Mileage for the week 4/2- 4/8
56 miles

12 miles

Snowed yesterday to break the Anchorage snowfall record in one year.  We received 133.6 inches of snow this year.  It was nice to have this winter, but now that it's spring its getting really old.  I really wanted to run outside for my last medium distance run before Boston.  It was really icy out this morning, so I just made sure I was careful with my footing.

I felt really good. Started out easy and was down to 6 min. pace toward the end and it felt pretty effortless.  I had a real good training cycle for Boston this year. I had a little hiccup towards the end with the flu, but I believe that is all behind me and I'm starting to feel real good again.


7 miles

Easy recovery pace.  Snowing out really good now.  Ran on the treadmill.  Just mentally tired of having to run outside in this crap.  Felt really really good on the run though.

10 miles (3 x 1 mile @ 5K pace w/ 2 min. rest)

I usually like doing this workout before Boston outside, but it was lightly snowing and wet.  I opted for the Dome and ran on the track.  Here it is:

4 mile warm-up w/ 6 striders
3 x 1 mile (5:03, 4:58, 4:56) 
3 mile cool down

Good workout today.  The miles felt pretty good.  The 2 easy days that last couple days I'm sure helped.  Nice to get under 5 minutes again.

6 miles

I decided to take another easy day.  Felt pretty good running.  Gonna do my last VO2max workout tomorrow.   9 miles w/ 3 X 1 mile @ 5K pace w/ 2 min. rest.

6 miles

Nice and super easy recovery.  Legs definitely felt better than yesterday.  I'm gonna do one more easy day before my workout.  Need to concentrate on sleep as well.

9.5 miles

I ran my south loop today.  My legs are really beat up from Sunday's long run with Tempo.  I think a lot of it had to do with the surface I was running on.  After a few miles I did start feeling a lot better.  I think I'm going to take 2 real easy days until I do my 3 X 1 mile workout at 5K pace.  Beautiful sunny day though in Anchorage.

6 miles

Nice and easy recovery pace. Legs a little sore and tired from yesterday.

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