January 30th- February 5th

Mileage for the Year 2012
422 miles

Mileage for the week 1/30- 2/5
80 miles

22 miles

Ran the first 15 miles outside on my Boston Prep route. The last 7 were on the treadmill. Progressed down to 5:42 pace for the last few. I felt really good today. It felt so good to get outside and felt effortless. 10 more weeks till Boston!!!


Off- State Wrestling Championships ALL DAY

4 miles

Easy recovery pace. Here we go! Busy 2 days. Alaska State Wrestling Championships!

19 miles (15am/4pm)

Felt good but worked super hard today. Sidewalks were terrible. 2-3 inches of soft snow. Good workout though. Super easy recovery pace after practice.

15 miles (11am/4pm)

11 miles with 6 @ tempo in the am.
3 mile warm-up
6 miles @ tempo (5:39, 5:33, 5:27, 5:27, 5:21, 5:07)
2 mile cool down

4 miles easy recovery after wrestling practice

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both easy recovery pace on the treadmill.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both were super easy recovery pace.

January 23rd- January 29th

Mileage for the Year 2012
342 miles

Mileage for the week 1/23- 1/29
84 miles

20 miles

Had a good run today with Matias Saari. We started from the Dome and ran to totem and back. -2 degrees out, but felt pretty good. Tired from the Conference wrestling tourney.

off- no time to run today with coaching responsibilities.

11 miles

Woke up early to get my run in before Regions. The run felt easy. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:15 pace. Wasn't that relaxing though since I have a lot of stress right now with wrestling.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both recovery pace runs. Gonna be a busy friday and saturday with our Region wrestling tournament. Hoping to squeeze in a couple runs somewhere?

19 miles (15am/4pm)

Had a good run this morning all done on the treadmill. Started at 7:30pace and ended at 6:18 pace. Legs tired in the beginning, but started feeling a lot better toward the middle of the run.

Easy recovery pace after wrestling practice.

14 miles (4am/10pm)

Ran an easy 4 in the morning. In the afternoon I ran the following workout:

3 mile warm-up with a few strides
5 miles @ Tempo (5:39, 5:36, 5:30, 5:27, 5:21)
2 mile cool down

I know I'm getting fit. I felt really relaxed and comfortable during my tempo. It was on a treadmill, so sometimes that feels easier. Good workout though.

10 miles (5am/5pm)

Both easy recovery pace. Gonna be a busy week!

January 16th- January 22nd

Mileage for the Year 2012
258 miles

Mileage for the week 1/16- 1/22
80 miles

16 miles

Had a great run today. It was nice to run with some friends today too. Matias Saari and Willy Stoll who are also running Boston ran my Boston prep route with a little out and back on Elmore. Weather and footing were good today. The first 6 weeks of my Boston prep have been going great, except all the treadmill running, but it's what I can do at this point. Gonna be a real busy 2 weeks coming up.

8 miles

Still cold, but felt really good to be outside. Ran to Dearmoun and back with a little extra. Tried to keep it real easy.

11 miles

Ran in the morning because I'm hosting wrestling duals and senior night at South. Was tired in the beginning, but after I warmed up I felt good. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:22 pace.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

A couple of easy recovery runs today.

13 miles

-12 below zero outside. I felt really good today during the run. Felt pretty effortless, which is a good sign I'm getting more fit. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:07 pace. Big wrestling meet tonight against Service, West, and Dimond.

12 miles (8am/4pm)

Ran 8 miles w/ 10x100m striders. General Aerobic pace which was around 6:44 pace for most of run. Easy 4 recovery after wrestling practice.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Recovery pace on both runs today. It felt good to get the blood flowing a little bit after my long run yesterday. Took an ice bath too. This is a recovery week too, so mileage will be down a little.

January 9th- January 15th

Mileage for the Year 2012
178 miles

Mileage for the week 1/9- 1/15
90 miles

20 miles

It was -10 out when I decided to start my run. I ran the first 13 miles outside on my Boston prep route. I actually felt really good. It was cold, but I was dressed perfect and it was nice to be outside in the sun too. I finished up with 7 on the treadmill. I eventually progressed down to 5:49 pace on my last mile. Nice to get my first 20 miler in the marathon buildup. Solid week too, considering how busy I am.

4 miles- recovery

Coached all day at the Dimond Invitational. Was able to get an easy 4 miler in after it finished. Tired!

16 miles (12am/4pm)

I had a good run on the treadmill in the am. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:22 pace. Felt real easy. I was tired in my recovery run after wrestling practice though. Took it real easy.

10 miles (5am/5pm)

A couple easy recovery paced runs today. My 2nd run was after wrestling practice (which I wrestled in) and a Booster meeting. I didn't want to run, but glad I did. I'm so busy this time of year, but so far so good with the training. I wish I had time to run outside more though.

15 miles

Pretty good medium distance run today. Legs a little tired in the beginnig, but after I warmed up I felt pretty good. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:18 pace by the end. Suppose to get 9-18 inches of snow over the night. I've been running too much on the treadmill, but it's all I really have time for during wrestling season.

15 miles (5am/10pm)

5 easy miles before school at recovery pace. In the afternoon I ran 10 miles with 4 @ Tempo pace. Here was the workout:
4 mile warm-up with a few strides
4 miles @ Tempo (5:42, 5:39, 5:33, 5:27)
2 mile cool down

I felt pretty good. Wanted to go faster on the last mile, but wanted to keep it more true tempo pace.

10 miles (5am/5pm)

Easy recovery pace on both runs today. Legs felt tired on both after yesterday's long run.

January 2nd- January 8th

Mileage for the Year 2012
88 miles

Mileage for the week 1/2- 1/8
82 miles

19 miles

We had another little snow storm today and I didn't want to trudge through the deep snow. I also didn't feel like running on the treadmill either since that's all I did this week. I decided to head to the dome and I ran the entire 19 miles on the track. It wasn't too bad. We have six lanes and I would switch lanes every lap. Basically like this (1,2,3,4,5,6)(6,5,4,3,2,1) (1,2,etc.....). This also helped me keep track of my mileage.

I started out easy at 7;30 pace, but by mile 5 I was already down to 6:48 pace. I continued to progress down towards 6:15 pace and my last 2 miles were 5:58 and 5:52. Overall I felt really good and it felt easy.

11 miles

I slept until almost noon today. So tired after the wrestling tournament. Felt really good running though. Jumped on the treadmill and started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:49pace. Kept it easy because long run is tomorrow.


Not a minute to run today. Woke up at 4am. Bus left south at 5:25am. Wrestling began at 8am and we wrestled until 10pm. Didn't get back to south till midnight and I got home at 1am. Exhausted!!!!

10 miles (5am/5pm)

A couple of easy recovery runs. Felt good, but just tired out.

18 miles (14am/4pm)

Still cold outside -3 degrees and had an opportunity during lunch, so I opted for the treadmill. Started at 7:30 pace and progressed down to 6:22 pace by the end. Felt really good running. An easy 4 mile recovery after wrestling practice. Took another Ice bath too.

14 miles (4am/10miles w/ 10x100m striders pm)

Easy recovery in the morning. -7 out after practice so I opted for treadmill. Ran 10 miles w/ 10x100m striders. Felt good, but tired from work today.

10 miles (6am/4pm)

Both at recovery pace. Felt good on both runs. School starts back up tomorrow!

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