January 25th- 31st

Mileage for the Year 2010
333 miles

Mileage for the week 1/25- 1/31
83 miles

20 miles

Ran w/ Jerry Ross and Joe Alward today. Chester Creek trail was an great shape. I finished up with 7 miles on the treadmil at Skinny Raven. Bring on February!

8.5 miles w/ 10x100m Striders

Did the run today on the treadmill. Took it nice and easy. Gonna rest up for my 20 miler tomorrow.

12 miles

Had to run after wrestling practice today. Very busy day. Felt good during the run. Ran my south loop and added 3 more miles on the treadmill.

6 miles

Super easy run on the treadmill today. Was going to run 4 miles after work, but ran out of time because of wrestling meet.

11 miles (5 @ Tempo- 5:50, 5:48, 5:44, 5:42, 5:40)

Evening workout at the dome.
3 mile warm-up
5 miles @ Tempo
3 mile cool down

I felt pretty good, but probably a tad fast on the tempo again. I'll recover tomorrow and absorb this workout.

15 miles

Good run today. Ran my hilly Boston route and then the last 3 miles on the treadmill. I was tired at the end of the run.

10 miles (6am/4pm)- recovery

A couple easy runs today done on the treadmill. Felt good though. Gonna bump my mileage up this week.

January 18th- 24th

Mileage for the Year 2010
250 miles

Mileage for the week 1/18- 1/24
72 miles

16 miles

Had a great run today with the skinny raven group. About 1 above at the start. Felt really strong and the run felt easy too. Getting in shape baby!

6 miles

Super easy on the treadmill.

11 miles

First 8 miles were outside to dearmoun and back with the extra loop. Last 3 were on the Mille. Good effort and felt good.

6 miles

Took it super easy today on the mille. Fun times.

10+ miles (10x100m striders)

Ran in the dome. It was a general aerobic run, but I probably ran a little too fast. It's just nice to open it up a little when you aren't outside with all the winter gear on. The striders felt good too. I'll take tommorrow easy. Felt great!

13 miles

Had a great run today. I ran the first 9 miles outside and it felt really good. Changed clothes quickly and did the last 4 on the treadmill. My last mile was about 6:49 pace. Getting fit.

10 miles (6am/4pm)- recovery pace

A couple of super easy paced runs on the mille.

January 11th- January 17th

Mileage for the Year 2010
178 miles

Mileage for the week 1/11- 1/17
80 miles

20 miles

Had a good run with the skinny raven training group. I was able to get 3 miles in before we started at a group. Had to get 20 today and the big vikings game was on at 9am. Felt pretty good, but a little tired at the end. Nice to have a solid week under my belt.

10 miles (5am/5pm)- recovery

Ran an easy double recovery pace today. Used the treadmill in the morning, but ran outside this evening. Gonna rest up and get ready for my 20 miler tomorrow.

13 miles

ran it all on the Mille. Went progressively faster. Felt great.

6 miles-recovery

super easy on the treadmill today.

10 miles w/ 4 @ Tempo (5:48, 5:48, 5:46, 5:46)

3 mile warm-up
4 mile tempo
3 mile cool down

Had a good workout today. I did this at the dome. Felt pretty comfortable during the tempo. Slowly getting back into shape.

15 miles

Ran the 1st 10 miles outside then quickly jumped on treadmill for last 5 miles. Felt really good. Getting in better shape.

6 miles- recovery

Super easy today on the mille after yesterday's 18 miler.

January 4th- January 10th

Mileage for the Year 2010
98 miles

Mileage for the week 1/4- 1/10
67 miles

18 miles

Had a great run today. I ran my hilly boston route and then finished up with 6 more on the treadmill. I progressively got faster and my last mile was 6:21 pace. I can feel myself getting in better running shape. Positive week of training.

7 miles

Ran on the coastal trail with my friends Charlie and Jen Mahlen from fairbanks. Nice easy recovery pace.

9 miles

I ran the south loop after practice tonight. Felt pretty good.

6 miles

Nice and easy on the mille!

12+ miles

Ran in the dome today. Started out easy, but got after it a little the last few miles. Around 6:10 pace the last few. Felt good.

9 miles (4 miles @ tempo)

Did today's workout on the treadmill. 3 mile warm up. Didn't want to overdo it today but still was hard. 1st 3 miles were at 6:15 pace and last mile was at 6:07 pace. 2 mile cooldown. Nice to run a little faster today. It's been awhile.

6 miles

After junior high wrestling practice today. Nice and super easy outside to Huffman and back with the extra .8 mile. Legs feel tired tonight though.

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