December 21st- December 27th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3530 miles

Mileage for the week 12/21- 12/27
72 miles

17 miles (5 @ MP)

It was kind of a failed workout today.  I was suppose to do 8 miles at 5:52 pace and I just wasn't ready for it.  I'm following a little different program and I'm just not ready yet.  Plus, it's hard over the holidays with all the crap I've been eating.  Still got a good workout in though. Next time will be easier.

7 miles w/ 5 strides
5 miles @ 5:52 pace
5 miles 7:00 down to 6:22 pace.

7 miles

Easy recovery miles on the treadmill.  Felt really good and sometimes it's just fun running at a super easy pace and listening to good music.

12 miles

Had a great evening and Christmas morning with the kids.  I ran my Boston prep route and I felt pretty good despite all the junk I've been eating.  I'll clean up my diet after the holidays.  Nice to get outside on Christmas and run.

7 miles

Easy recovery in the garage on Christmas Eve! Felt great.

13 miles

Ran from the Post office and did totem with an out and back on the Coastal trail too.  7:35 pace down to 6:11 pace.  Felt good!!

10 miles w/ 10 X 20 sec strides

Ran the South loop with strides at the end.  I had to be careful with the ice on the strides, but overall it was a good run.  Kept it general aerobic pace.  7:38 pace down to 6:30 pace.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace.  Need to make sure to keep them easy after long runs.

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