November 30th- December 6th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,337 miles

Mileage for the week 11/30- 12/6
51 miles

8 miles

Nice to get outside and run again.  Just ran from the house, but the sun was out and I felt pretty darn good.  Kept is easy and focused on not going faster then 7 min pace.  1 more week of running until I officially begin training for Boston.

14 miles

Ran the totem from the post office and extended some on the coastal trai/northern lights to get a longer run.  I wanted to run a little longer today, so I could watch the Vikings at 9am tomorrow.  I felt really good and the sun was out.  Loved it.

6 miles

An easy 6 miler before our dual meet w/ Service  7:40 down to 6:49.  Felt good.

7 miles

Easy recovery pace in garage treadmill.  Felt good.

10 miles

Ran the totem and I felt really good.  Kept it General Aerobic.

6 miles

Easy 7 on the treadmill at home.  Felt ok.


Got in a car accident right before I was going to go running.  2 cars hit each other and 1 slid into me unfortunately.  I feel okay, my neck is a little stiff.

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