December 7th- December 13th

Mileage for the Year 2015
3,394 miles

Mileage for the week 12/7- 12/13
57 miles

13 miles

Ran my Boston prep route.  Felt good to get outside in the snow.  Felt good too.

6 miles

Easy recovery pace run before heading out to Regions.

9 miles

7:48 down to 6:15 progression run before the Region tournament today.  I felt good.  Ran on the treadmill in my garage.

4 miles

Just had time for an easy 30 minute run today.  Glad I did something though.

10 miles

I had a great run from Studio 49 on the Campbell Creek trail.  I felt pretty good and was running steady going from 7:20 pace down to a 6:15 on the snowy trail.  It was fun running in the dark, but I did run into those same 2 moose I ran into all summer.

9 miles

Progressive run today from 7:40 pace down to 6:00 pace.  I felt pretty good, but just tired from not sleeping well the last 2 nights.  Neck from accident is still stiff.

6 miles

Easy pace today at the AK club.

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