December 28th- January 3rd

Mileage for the Year 2016

Mileage for the week 12/28- 1/3




Mileage for the Year 2015
3,563 miles

10 miles

Ran the totem route from the post office.  Felt good, but hips still tight and not great.  Super Icy too and some head winds.

10 miles

General Aerobic pace from 8:10 down to 6:22 pace.  Felt okay after the hips warmed up.

6 miles

My hips were hurting so bad from skiing yesterday.  It just shows how one dimensional I've become.  I really need to do the other things like stretching and some dynamic warm-ups, weights, etc... Otherwise, I'll barely be able to walk when I get older.

I did warm-up and decided to run an easy 6 miler on the treadmill in Girdwood.

7 miles

Easy recovery pace at AK club.  I also went XC Skate Skiing which was fun, but turned out to be a bad idea.

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